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City Services

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Art in Public Places
Encourages and enhances artistic expression and appreciation and adds value to the Fort Collins community through acquiring, exhibiting, and maintaining public art.
Cultural Plan
The guiding document for efforts in ensuring the future of arts, culture, and science in our community.
Golf Courses
Three unique and challenging golf courses for players of all abilities.
The Gardens on Spring Creek
A world-class botanic garden that is community oriented, educational, experiential and sustainable.
Lincoln Center
One of Colorado's largest and most diverse presenters of professional theatre, dance, music, visual arts and children's programs.
The Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center serves more than 50,000 visitors annually and provide exciting life-long learning opportunities to community members of all ages.
Natural Areas
The City manages over 36,000 acres of natural areas, funded by citizen-initiated city and county sales taxes.
Fort Collins currently has 6 community parks, 44 neighborhood/pocket parks and 29 miles of recreational trails.
The Recreation Division maintains 10 facilities throughout the city and offers instruction and leagues in a variety of sports and activities. The Division provides recreation for older adults, people with disabilities, young adults, teens, youths and toddlers. The Adaptive Recreation Opportunities program provides accommodations, support and access information for participants with disabilities.
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City Hall

Boards & Commissions
Boards and commissions are established for the purpose of acquiring and studying information in specific areas and to make recommendations to City Council on issues within the board's area of expertise. There are currently 27 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 230 volunteer members.
Cable 14
City government television.
City Clerk
City Clerk's Office has general and specialized administrative responsibilities in many areas, including public records, liquor licensing, municipal elections and more...
City Council
The Fort Collins City Council is composed of six district Council members who are elected on a non-partisan basis for a term of four years, and a Mayor who is elected at-large for a two-year term. The Mayor Pro Tem is chosen from among the entire Council and serves a term of two years
City Manager
The City Manager works in close partnership with the Mayor and City Council, who are responsible for setting the policy direction of the City.
Communications & Public Involvement
Provides information to residents and the media on city government and services, and helps coordinate special projects for other city departments and provides internal communication to city employees.
Economic Health Office
The City of Fort Collins employs a broad array of programs and services focused on preserving and enhancing the economic health of the community.
Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority (URA)
The URA assists the private sector to improve blighted areas of the city for redevelopment, prosperity and public benefit.
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Air Quality
The goal of the air quality program is to continually improve air quality in the community. Clean Air programs are completed in collaboration with the Air Quality Advisory Board, other City departments, and County, State, and Federal Agencies.
Climate Wise
A free, voluntary City of Fort Collins program that is dedicated to helping local business and the environment.
Green Energy Program
Utilities program from residents and businesses to purchase clean, renewable energy.
Natural Areas
Responsible for the protection and enhancement of lands with exisiting or potential natural areas values, lands that serve as community separators, agricultural lands, and lands with scenic values.
The mission of the Solid Waste Reduction Program is to implement the integrated solid waste reduction goals adopted by City Council. The program helps citizens reduce the amount of solid waste that is sent to landfills for disposal, and increase the amount of material recycled, reused and composted in the community.
Saving Energy
Tips and resources for Utilities customers that focus on saving water and energy.
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The law enforcement branch of our City government.
Poudre Fire Authority
Provides fire protection and emergency services for residents in and around the Fort Collins area.
Office of Emergency Management
Responsible for emergency preparedness and disaster planning.
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Affordable Housing
Allocates federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and city funding to housing and human service agencies to meet the needs of low and moderate income citizens.
Responsible for a wide variety of services associated with construction. They review building plans, issue building permits, perform building inspections, license contractors, issue demolition permits, enforce health and safety issues as related to structures (including wiring, plumbing, etc.), and enforce rental housing standards and occupancy.
Code Compliance
Responsible for enforcing the City codes and ordinances affecting the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
Community Mediation
With the guidance of professionally trained and certified mediators, neighbors come together in a neutral setting to resolve their disputes in a way that fosters creativity, communication and compromise.
Neighborhood Services
Manages a variety of programs that improve the livability of neighborhoods.
Reviews sign permits, basic development reviews, minor amendments, home occupations, setbacks, parking requirements, and permitted uses.
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Public Records

Comprehensive database that includes records from City Clerk, Engineering, Building Services, Purchasing, and more...
Building Permits
Database listing of commercial and residential building permits.
Interactive mapping application with Council districts, crime stats, floodplains, snow routes, and more....
Municipal Code and Charter, Land Use Code, and Traffic Code
Online versions of the "Codes" provided as a community service.
Public Notices
List of ordinances being considered by City Council and other items requiring public notice.
Traffic Accident Reports
Online traffic accident reports.
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Develops and manages programs related to biking in Fort Collins.
Bus Routes/Schedules
"Transfort" is the City operated bus transit system.
Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door paratransit service for individuals who, because of a disability, are prevented from using Transfort.
Coordinates and manages large and small road improvement projects.
Real-time traffic information showing congestion levels, construction zones, intersection images and more...
Responsible for parking enforcement and the management of parking structures.
Responsible for traffic signal, signs and pavement markings, work area traffic control and more...
Responsible for street sweeping, snow and ice removal, and street patching.
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