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FC Moves

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Dept Head: Aaron Iverson
  •   9am-noon, 1-4pm (M-Thu, closed on Fridays and holidays)

FC Moves

Shift Your Ride

Shift Your Ride

This September, we want you to Shift Your Ride!

Why Shift Your Ride? By making simple choices about how we move around, we can save money and save time and shift extra time and money to activities that really matter to us, like spending time with our family, clean air and crisp mountain views, or getting and staying fit. Save money by fueling up a car less often. Save time by getting exercise while you commute instead of spending free time exercising. Shift to what matters most to you.

Shifting your ride can be easy! There are many ways to get around Fort Collins without using a car, even if you have extra errands to run. We've compiled several resources on this page to help you get out of your car and actually enjoy your transportation options. Check our our Shift Your Ride website for details. 

Pledge to Shift Your Ride at least once a week in September and you could win a new bike.

Pledge to Shift Your Ride


Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in their trip, either walking or rolling. Fort Collins strives to be a safe, easy place to walk, whether you walk for your health or to get to work. To find out more about walking in Fort Collins check out our FC Walks webpage.

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Bicycling is a fun, affordable, way of getting around in Fort Collins. To find out more about bicycling and getting out and riding more visit our FC Bikes webpage.

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Safe Routes to School

The City's Safe Routes to School program works to increase the number of students safely walking, bicycling and taking the bus to school through safety classes for K-12 students, improved sidewalks and bike lanes in school areas, enforcement of school-zone speed limits, and other strategies. To learn more, visit the Safe Routes to School webpage.

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working from home


Just a few months ago working from home may have seemed like a distant dream. Recent global events have changed the way many of us work and may work in the future. As companies and workplaces rapidly pivot to telecommuting practices, many benefits are becoming clear.  Here are some resources to help understand the benefits and reasons to embrace telecommuting and remote work.

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Taking the bus is a great way to get around Fort Collins, one that is easy, cheap and great for the environment. To start your bus trip please visit the Transfort web page. To learn more about the future of transit in Fort Collins take a look at the recently adopted Transit Master Plan.

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Micro-mobility & Other Options

Fort Collins has many options for getting around town. Newer options you may want to explore include Bike-Sharee-scooters, or Car-Share. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity as well, to learn more about how Fort Collins is supporting a transition to EVs go to the EV Readiness Roadmap page

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Plans, Projects and Programs

Plans, Projects and Programs

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) establishes a vision for mobility in Fort Collins, achieved through a safe and reliable multimodal transportation network for all residents, visitors, and employees. To achieve this outcome, this plan outlines a bold vision to improve the accessibility, mobility, reliability, and safety of the transportation system for all modes.

At FC Moves we offer numerous opportunities to learn about all the ways of traveling in Fort Collins.  This includes learning experiences, amazing events like Open Streets and Bike to Work Day.  Additionally to find out more about the many plans guiding our work click here.

Transportation Master Plan (City Plan)

Current Projects and Programs