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  •   8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (M-F, except for holidays)

Building Review Board


Options Meeting Date
Download Agenda Thursday September 26, 2019
Download Agenda Thursday August 29, 2019
Download Agenda Thursday July 25, 2019
Download Agenda Download Summary Agenda Thursday June 27, 2019
Download Agenda Thursday May 30, 2019
Download Agenda Thursday April 25, 2019

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Meeting Schedule

Last Thursday of each month, 1 p.m. | View meeting schedule
Meeting Location: Council Chambers, City Hall, 300 Laporte Avenue

Miscellaneous Info

Current Members

December 31, 2019 - Alan Cram and Bernie Marzonie
December 31, 2021 - Katharine Penning, Justin Robinson, and Brad Massey
December 31, 2022 - Tim Johnson and Eric Richards

Ross Cunniff


The Building Review Board (BRB) is charged with the responsibility to hear appeals and requests for variances related to the Fort Collins building codes and contractor licensing regulations.

The BRB hearing provides a formal recourse to building permit and contractor license applicants who disagree with an interpretation or ruling by the Fort Collins Building Official. The BRB is authorized to rule in favor of the applicant and to approve alternative building methods and materials that are not specifically prescribed in the building codes. This Board may also revoke or suspend a contractor license when it determines that a licensee has violated the building codes or licensing rules. In an advisory capacity, the BRB makes recommendations to City Council concerning the revision of existing codes or the adoption of new building codes and contractor regulations.

RECOMMENDED QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of City Building Codes, contractor licensing regulations, and related ordinances.

5 hours/month