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Signs, Banners and More - How to Get a Permit#

Permanent Signs#

Where can I find sign regulations and a permit application?

Regulations governing permanent signs (wall signs, ground signs, fin & awning signs etc) can be found in the City's Land Use Code. You can download sign permit application from City Zoning. All applications should be submitted electronically to

How do I schedule a final inspection for my completed sign?

Email us at Please include:

  • Business name and address
  • Permit number

Temporary Banners and Feather Flags#

Who knew? PERMITS ARE REQUIRED THROUGH ZONING for banners and feather flags, Land Use Code applies. See our Frequently Asked Questions below for further details on common sign standards.

Apply for permits at

Permits can also be issued over the phone by calling 970-416-2745.

What Information is Needed

  • Name, Address, and Phone number of business
  • Name of individual Applying
  • Dates of Display : 40d/yr max for banners; 20d/yr max for feather flags.
  • Location of banner or flag: Must be on private property and no closer than 2 feet to a public sidewalk
  • Size of banner or flag : 40 square feet combined maximum allowed per frontage

Are banners allowed in Fort Collins?

The hanging of banners and pennants on your business is permitted within Fort Collins per Section 3.8.7(N) of the Fort Collins Land Use Code.

Do I need a permit to hang a banner and does it cost anything?

A banner permit must be obtained from the City prior to installation. These permits are FREE OF CHARGE.

What happens if I don't get a permit?

Failure to obtain a permit prior to installation can result in forfeiture of all remaining "banner days" for the rest of the year.

What are "banner days" and how long can I display my banner?

Established businesses are allowed to display banners and pennants for up to 40 days per calendar year, and are referred to as your "banner days." Banner days can be used intermittently throughout the year or all at once. Feather flags may be displayed up to 20 days per calendar year.

What counts as a banner and how big can it be?

Corporate, logo and similar flags can only be hung with an approved banner permit and are counted towards the number of banner days allowed. The maximum size allowed for any one banner is 40 square feet.

Where and how should I hang my banner?

Banners and pennants can only be located on-site of the business or property which is doing the advertising. No more than one banner may be displayed at any one time along or facing each street frontage abutting the parcel on which the establishment is located, except that multiple banners per street may be displayed as long as the total square footage of all banners does not exceed 40 square feet per street. Banners and pennants must be adequately secured to either a structure, vehicle, or the ground. For safety reasons, they cannot be located in the public right-of-way. In addition, the display cannot cause an unreasonable annoyance or inconvenience to users of neighboring properties.

What if I want to hang a banner on a street light pole?

Yes, through our Engineering department upon these conditions: The City allows banners to be placed on select streets and light poles. Banners may only convey a non-commercial message and promote community activities, celebrations or events. Business logos are not permitted. For more information on hanging banners on street fixtures, visit Engineering's permit page and look for horizontal or vertical banner permits.

Can I attach my banner to a vehicle?

The City's Section 3.8.7(Q)(5) vehicle-mounted sign regulations, must also be complied with whenever a banner is attached to a vehicle.

What signage is not allowed?

All other wind-driven signs such as tethered balloons are strictly prohibited.