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Flood Safety and Preparedness#

Fort Collins is vulnerable to river and stream flooding, flash floods and urban street flooding.

Flooding along rivers is a natural and inevitable element of nature. Some floods occur seasonally when spring rains and melting snow fill river basins too quickly.

Most flash floods are caused by slow-moving thunderstorms or thunderstorms repeatedly moving over the same area.

Urban street flooding occurs when land is converted to roads or parking lots and loses its ability to absorb rainfall. Urbanization increases runoff two to six times over what would occur on natural terrain and can cause streets to become swift-moving rivers during rainfall.

To increase safety, the Fort Collins Utilities Flood Warning System provides information and emergency services. The Office of Emergency Management describes flood risk and preparation.

Know How to Protect Your Property and Family#

Before a Flood During a Flood After a Flood
Purchase flood insurance. Do not drive through floodwater. Check for structural damage to your building.
Make an emergency plan. Move to upper floors of your home or climb to higher ground. Document all damages.
Document your belongings. Don't walk through flowing water. Remove all wet items.
Store valuable items (computers, family photos, heirlooms, etc.) at higher locations in your home. Listen for emergency updates. Get a floodplain use permit and a building permit before making any repairs.
Sign-up for emergency messages at Turn off utilities at the main power switch and turn off gas. Contact your insurance agent and file a flood insurance claim.

The 1997 Spring Creek Flood was the worst disaster in Fort Collins. Take a virtual tour.

Flood-Related Videos#

FLASH format

*Source: Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

Did You Know?

We operate a flood warning system that monitors real-time rainfall information.

Sprinkler systems can be designed, installed and operated with water-efficiency in mind.

You can make moving easier by starting or stopping your service online.