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Alleys and Unpaved Roads#

The City of Fort Collins maintains 240 blocks of alleys, and 40 miles of road shoulders.


Maintenance is usually scheduled from May through October depending on weather conditions.

Unpaved Roads#

Unpaved road

The City of Fort Collins maintains 4.55 miles of unpaved roadways.

Unpaved Roads List:

  • Alpine Street – Mason St. to College Ave.
  • Aran Street - Saturn to Skyway
  • Charlie Lane – Ziegler to East end
  • Coy Drive – E. Coy to W. Coy
  • Frey Avenue – Mountain to Laporte
  • Hemlock Lane – Upper to West end
  • Hull Street – S. Taft Hill Rd. to East end
  • Hutchinson Drive – La Eda Ln. to North end
  • Hyline Drive – S. Taft Hill Rd. to East end
  • Kinnison Drive – S. Taft Hill Rd to West end
  • La Eda Lane – S. Shields St. to West end
  • Longworth Road – Taft Hill to Natural Area
  • Main Street - West of Martinez St.
  • Midway Drive – S. Shields St. to West end
  • N. Mason Street – Hemlock Ln.  to Alpine St.
  • Parker Street - Stover to the east end
  • W. Suniga - Mason to College
  • Thompson Drive – W. Trilby to North end
  • Timberline Lane – S. Timberline Rd to West end
  • Vivian Street – Lynn Dr. to Kyle Ave.
  • West Street - Vine South to end
  • Woodlawn Street – College west to Legacy Park

Road Shoulders#

The City maintains 40 miles of road shoulders to stabilize and provide a safe access on road shoulders.

Contact Us#

For any questions, concerns, or requests contact the Streets Department at 970-221-6615