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ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter Tree Climbing Championship

Dates: Thursday, July 19-Sunday, July 22  l  8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Location: City Park
The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Climbing Championship has made its way back to Fort Collins. Professional arborists gather to learn the latest in climbing techniques, innovations in equipment, and skill levels. Arborists compete in different skill competitions. Each event tests a competitor’s ability to professionally and safely maneuver in a tree while performing tasks like tree climbing and pruning. Male and female competitors perform five different events during preliminary rounds to qualify for the championship.

Be Safe
Come out to City Park for this unique, educational, tree event and watch professional tree climbers showcase their skills.
In order to provide necessary safety zones, stations will be roped off and closed to the public. You are welcome to watch the competitions, but please keep out of the restricted areas.

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European Elm Scale Control Trials

On Wednesday, June 6, City of Fort Collins, Forestry Department participated in European Elm Scale Control trials in cooperation with Rainbow Tree Care, Davey Tree Care, and CSU. There were 5 different protocols used which involved soil drenching at the base of certain trees, trunk treatments on certain trees, foliar spraying on some trees, and trunk injections on others. The chemicals used are all approved for elm scale and will be applied in a manner to minimize exposure and risk to the public. However, due to the nature of the trials the chemical names will not be released until after the trial. This helps to eliminate bias and give proprietary information to research. These treatments pose no significant risk to park visitors and adjacent property owners. The soil injections were supervised on June 6 and the spray application was performed on June 7. 

Call Molly Roche, Forestry Specialist (224-616-1992) with any questions.



The Forestry Division is responsible for trees owned by the City. These are street trees located between the sidewalk and curb, trees in city medians, in parks and those located on other City property. The Forestry Division appreciates hearing from citizens about the location of storm-damaged City trees. Contact the Forestry Division office at 970-221-6660 to report a broken City tree.

  • Tree pruning, removal, and requests
  • Tree planting, questions, and requests
  • Hazard tree identification and inspection
  • Insect and disease identification and control
  • Tree work permits on City property (pruning, removal, and planting)
  • Trees blocking traffic signs and signals

  • Arborist licensing
  • General information, literature and presentations on trees (City Park Tree Tour, Notable Tree Tour, Champion Trees etc)
  • Tree mulch program
  • Tree insect and disease notification (Dutch Elm Disease, Mountain Pine Beetle and Ips Beetle)
  • Private hazard trees threatening public property
  • Development review
  • Arbor Day program
  • Memorial tree program

Property owners are responsible for their trees and can contact a private licensed tree service for pruning or removing a storm-damaged tree. Businesses that make tree pruning or removal cuts at 10 feet or greater above the ground when working within the City limits are required to be licensed by the City of Fort Collins. Licensed tree services have the skills needed to prune or remove a tree correctly.  Homeowners can prune their own trees. Tree work can be dangerous and if not done correctly can further damage a tree. Using a skilled professional to do tree work can help insure that a damaged tree has the best chance for recovery.


Branches from private trees can be chipped by a private tree service or hauled to Hageman Earth Cycle located on East Prospect.  Limbs can also be hauled to the Larimer County landfill.