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What We Do#

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The City of Fort Collins Information Technology (IT) department provides the technology infrastructure, digital tools, and online services which form the technology backbone of the City of Fort Collins. They help the City reach its goals by matching technology to City operations and providing access to secure, high-quality, and relevant information and technology services.

The IT department is crucial in managing the city's technological infrastructure. They oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of computer systems, networks, and software applications essential for city operations and services. This includes safeguarding digital assets from cyber threats. They also offer technical support to Fort Collin's employees, adapting to the latest technological advancements and best practices.

What we are Responsible For#

From parking meters to community high speed internet, from a herd of bison, to the golf ball dispensers at our driving ranges; The City of Fort Collins has an extremely wide and diverse set of service offerings for its community. Technology is behind the scenes supporting providing many of the services the city offers. 

The city's IT department works tirelessly to ensure the network, servers, computer, laptops, cameras, scanners, and more are available to our business partners, so that they can delivery the high level of city services our citizens expect.

  • Over 30 Distinct Business Units/Service Areas
  • Over 50 city sites
  • Over 2,700 Employees
  • Partner/Vendor/Contractor Support

Our Mission and Strategy#

Our mission is designed to empower the city service areas and community with innovative, resilient technology, boosting operational efficiency, and fostering digital inclusion and equity. The vision is a business driven, interconnected community where residents, businesses, and employees flourish through accessible, secure information and sustainable technology progress.

2023 Guiding Theme - Simplification and Standardization

The department’s strategic plan is composed of five pillars:

Customer-Centric Approach: Enhance customer experiences by simplifying technology solutions, understanding evolving needs via stakeholder feedback, and implementing user-friendly interfaces and self-service options.

Digital Transformation: Drive the adoption of digital technologies across city operations. This includes fostering a culture of innovation, experimenting with emerging technologies, and crafting a digital strategy aligned with city goals. Learn More...

Resiliency and Security: Fortify our technological infrastructure against threats and disruptions through robust cybersecurity measures, regular risk assessments, and comprehensive disaster recovery plans.  Learn More...

Talent Development: Recruit, develop, and retain a highly skilled IT workforce. By providing professional development opportunities and fostering an inclusive, creative environment, the department ensures its team stays at the forefront of technological advancements.  Learn More...

Strategic Alignment: Align IT initiatives with city council priorities and establish strong interdepartmental partnerships to identify and address citywide technology needs. Regularly assess the impact of technology projects on city missions and values. Learn More...

Our Partners#