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281 N. College Ave /  Monday - Friday / Full services: 9am-12(noon), 1pm-4pm 

  • 281 College Ave. building is open 8am - 5pm  (some services may be limited)
  • For your convenience, permits may be applied for remotely online.  


 Is a permit required?

Yes, a permit is required unless it is specifically exempt from permit: Work Exempt from Permit  

Select a permit page below.

  • Each page includes everything you need: Guides / Checklists / Fees / How to apply
  • If you are getting a permit for the first time or do not see your project listed below, you are encouraged to call (970) 416-2740 or e-mail 


  1. Basement Finish (Residential)
  2. Demolition
  3. Electrical
  4. Fire place / Fire Pit / Wood Burning Stove
  5. Gas/Wood Burning Appliances
  6. Hot tubs (pre-fabricated, exterior ground-mounted only).
  7. Lawn Sprinkler Backflow Preventer
  8. Mechanical HVAC (Furnace/ AC etc.)
  9. Plumbing
  10. Roofing
  11. Water Heater

Fast track permits


  1. Awning
  2. Carport
  3. Deck
  4. Front porch/stairs
  5. Flag Poles
  6. Fence (over 6ft tall)
  7. Patio Cover
  8. Pergola
  9. Retaining Wall
  10. Sales Trailer
  11. Shade Sail
  12. Solar PV
  13. Swimming Pools / in-ground hot tub / swim spa / pond
  14. Wireless Telecommunication Antenna

Exterior permits


  1. Residential alterations: (remodel, restoration, repairs)
  2. Multi-family alterations: (remodel, restoration, repairs)
  3. Commercial alterations (prelim finish, facade work, tenant finish, minor and major interior alterations)
  4. Change of function, occupancy, or use of a space (i.e. retail to office space, converting a dining room to an office)
  5. Windows, doors, skylights (new or replacement)

Alteration Permits


  1. Accessory building with habitable (living) space
  2. Addition (enlarging an building, enclosing a patio, adding a level/story)
  3. Duplex Two-Family (new or conversions)
  4. Commercial Building
  5. Garage Building
  6. New House
  7. New Manufactured Home
  8. Multi-Family Building
  9. Pole Barn
  10. Shed
  11. Townhome / Single Family Attached
  12. Wireless Telecommunication Facility

New construction permits


A stock plan is a building design that can be submitted for review and used for replicated buildings. The approved design is 'stocked' with us, and can be referenced on future or concurrent 'lot specific' building permit submittals.

Stock Plans


A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained before a structure is occupied as a temporary use community based shelter, when different from the established occupancy classification.

Example: A business or place of worship desiring to allow the building to be used as a temporary community-based shelter.

Temp Use Permits


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To schedule an inspection:

Request inspections before 11 PM using any of these methods:

  1. Text: 888-406-6394
  2. Call: 970-221-6769
  3. Online: Citizen Portal

Inspection Info

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  • Wind and Snow Loads
  • Code Interpretations
  • Local Amendments

Get More Info

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  • Local contractor and trade licensing.
    • Apply
    • Renew
    • Reinstate

Get Started

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  • Air Tightness & Insulation
  • Mechanical Performance
  • Plumbing Compactness
  • rebates

Learn More

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  • Permit Issuance to Project Close-Out

Citizen Portal

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Building Permit Records

Permit Map

Did you know...#

Short Term Rentals

Did you know that a short term rental requires a license? Learn more about our short term rental program.


Did you know it is illegal to improperly disturb asbestos containing materials? Learn more about State and Federal regulations on asbestos.

Construction Recycling

Construction Recycling

Did you know that 30-40% of the materials placed in the landfill each year are construction materials? Learn more about our construction waste mitigation program and where to recycle your materials. 

Flood Plain Map

Do you know if your property is in a mapped floodplain?  Everyone has a flood risk: know yours.  

Flood Plain Permits

Did you know that all development (new buildings, additions, remodels, grading filling, etc.) requires a separate floodplain use permit?  Build responsibly: Know the floodplain regulations.  Find out more.

Historic Properties

Did you know that financial resources are available for designated historic properties? If your property is 50yrs or older it may be eligible. Learn more about historic designation and how to uncover and preserve the rich history of your property. 

Landlord Resources for Rental Properties

Did you know that Fort Collins has minimum rental housing standards? Learn more.

Fugitive Dust

Fugitive Dust

Did you know that dust from construction activities poses a safety hazard and health risk? Learn how to prevent fugitive dust, view training resources and find out what is required of owners and operators.


Contractor Resources - Fort Collins Utilities

Did you know that Fort Collins Utilities provides ongoing contractor training on a range of topics (e.g., lighting, HVAC, office efficiency, windows, solar), technical assistance and opportunities to receive continuing education credits? Together, we can make it easier than ever for local businesses to save money and conserve resources.