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Our Mission#

The Geographic Information Services Division supports the City organization through the application of geographic information services (GIS) technology. This technology allows any type of spatially referenced information to be stored, analyzed and reproduced. For more information about the technology, please refer to our GIS Tutor, or follow some of the references on our "GIS links" page.

It is the goal of the Division to provide quality maps and other presentation products, perform spatial analysis, develop GIS applications, and support departments in their use of GIS. The technology is currently used in the areas of policy development, decision making support, operations and in integrating access to geographic information.


Access to our various interactive online maps (FCMaps)

Information about downloading our various maps can be found on our Downloadable Maps page.

Recent Awards#

  • 2019 ESRI UC - 3rd Place - Map Series or Atlas
  • 2018 ESRI UC - Carto Special Interest Group
  • 2017 ESRI UC - Best ArcGIS Pro Map 
  • 2016 ESRI UC - Carto Special Interest Group
  • 2015 CaGIS Recreational/Travel Map - Best of Category
  • 2015 ESRI UC - Carto Special Interest Group
  • 2014 ESRI UC - Best Cartographic Design - Map Series or Atlas