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Willow Street Improvements#

Willow Street Improvement FAQs#

Willow Street Map

Willow Street Map

Find the answers to frequently asked questions for the Willow Street Improvement project here. 


Project Overview#

The Willow Street Improvements Project will continue to improve public infrastructure within the Downtown River District. This project will improve Willow Street between Linden Street and the Great Western railroad tracks just east of North College Avenue. Staff and project stakeholders identified the following project goals:

  • Maximize on-street parking
  • Create a “Sense of Place” for the corridor through a welcoming, visually pleasing environment for existing and future land uses
  • Create significant urban design features and honor the culture and history of the River District
  • Enhance linkages to Downtown, North College Avenue, and the Poudre River

The project will draw inspiration from recently constructed improvements along Linden Street, yet will be unique to Willow Street. Planned improvements include:

  • 10-foot-wide sidewalks
  • 5-foot-wide amenity zone that includes pedestrian lighting, bike racks, and decorative fencing
  • On-street diagonal parking
  • Bike lanes
  • Travel lanes
  • A pedestrian plaza at the northeast corner of the Willow and Linden intersection
  • Integrated public art
  • Drainage and Utility improvements

The improvements will be designed to be environmentally sensitive to the Poudre River and will be consistent with previous planning and construction efforts. Improvements will also be designed to facilitate infill development and coordinate with development currently in the planning process or already under construction. 

2015 Conceptual Report


Construction is estimated to begin late May 2019. The project is slated to be completed by fall 2019. 

Partnership & Funding#

This project is a partnership between the City of Fort Collins and the Downtown Development Authority. Both entities are contributing funds to the project’s $3.8 million budget. 

Willow Street Improvements Map#

Willow Street Map

Willow Street Map

Find the answers to frequently asked questions relating to the Willow Street Improvement project with this FAQ. 



Civil Engineer: Nicole Hahn, PE, 970-224-6108,