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Fences and Walls#

Photo of a backyard bordered by a solid wooden fence

A building permit is not required for installing a fence, except for fences which are taller than 6 feet.

Do I need a permit to install a fence for my business or home?

A building permit is not required for the installation of a fence, except for those fences which exceed 6 feet in height.

What if I want to install a fence over 6 feet tall?

You will need a permit. In addition, front, rear and side yard building setbacks will apply for fencing taller than 6 feet.

What do I need to know before I put up any height of fence?

Although a permit is not required for most fencing, zoning requirements may still apply. Code requirements regulating fencing and walls are located in Article 4, Section 4.3.5(C) (p.37) of the Land Use Code.

For additional information please contact City Zoning at 970-221-6760 or via email at

What are the standards for fencing in Fort Collins?

Fencing and walls used for screening or landscape purposes shall meet the following standards.

  1. No more than 4 feet high between the front building line and front property line.
  2. No more than 4 feet high if located on a side yard line in the front yard.
  3. No more than 6 feet high if located on a rear property line or on a side yard line in a rear yard.
  4. No more than 42 inches in height when located within the visual clearance triangle, and, if over 32 inches in height within such triangle, fences shall be constructed of split rail with a minimum dimension of 12 inches between horizontal members.
  5. Must be on private property and no closer than 2 feet to a public sidewalk.
  6. No closer than 3 feet to a lot line along an alley where an alley-accessed garage door is set back at least 20 feet from the lot line, and no closer than 8 feet to a lot line along an alley where an alley-accessed garage door is set back less than 20 feet from the lot line, except that alley fences on lots in the RL, OT-A, OT-B and OT- C Districts may be located closer to the lot line along an alley when the City Engineer approves such a location.

    Find your zone district at this link. 

How do I find my property line?

On most properties in Fort Collins, the true property line is a certain distance behind the back of the sidewalk or curb. To find where the true right-of-way/property line is the property must be surveyed by a professional land surveyor. City Surveying does not provide surveys of private property. For assistance regarding the general location of property lines, please call the City's Technical Services at 970-221-6588.

Are there other restrictions?

Fencing and walls are prohibited within access and drainage easements. Electric fences are prohibited in all zoning districts. In addition, barbed wire fences are prohibited in all zoning districts except in the Employment District (E) and Industrial District (I) zones which limit their use. In newer housing developments, restrictions as to the size, type, style, or location of a fence may exist by way of either subdivision covenants or other requirements.

Find your zone district at this link. 

Contact your homeowner association or the Larimer County Clerk at 970-498-7000 for possible covenants which may exist for your subdivision.
If your housing area was developed as a PUD, you can contact City Zoning 970-221-6760 or at for possible fence restrictions.

What if there's a dispute over a fence's location?

Civil disputes over the location of a fence or wall at adjoining private properties are not within the enforcement authority of the City to resolve. Contact City Engineering at 970-221-6605 for more information on encroachment permits, rights-of-way, or easement issues.