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Building Energy and Water Scoring

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The Building Energy and Water Scoring program (Ordinance 2018-144) requires transparency of energy and water efficiency of commercial and multifamily buildings 5,000 square feet and above.  Comparing the energy and water performance of one building against another in the same sector allows commercial real estate stakeholders such as building owners, operators, and tenants, to evaluate the highest-performing, lowest-operating cost option, and to monitor their performance in the market place.  


  • Improve your building’s net operating income (NOI) 
  • Identify and prioritize future building improvements 
  • Advertise your building’s performance and differentiate yourself in the marketplace 
  • Retain tenants and improve occupancy 

Each year, owners of covered buildings are required to benchmark energy and water use, and report to the City using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Want to learn more?  Find program details here and see an example of how benchmarking can help you track and plan efficiency improvements here.

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Do I need to comply?

Compliance Timeline

Compliance Timeline
How do I comply?


Identify the necessary information to Benchmark.

Portfolio Manager is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for in-house staff to benchmark their buildings.  

  • Resources are provided by Fort Collins Utilities for collecting energy and water use data.  Buildings covered by the ordinance will need to request use data between January 1 and February 29, 2020 for the 2019 year
  • Determine your property use type.  
  • The Portfolio Manager Data Collection Worksheet can be used to start collecting your information.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager How To Series

Step 2 – REPORT

Submit your report to the City of Fort Collins annually starting March 1, 2020  

Starting March 1 every year, all buildings covered by the ordinance are required to report their energy and water performance for the previous calendar year.

Find information on how to request your building's usage data for upload into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager here.  Data requests for the 2020 reporting year can be submitted to Fort Collins Utilities as early January 2020, and will be completed by March of 2020.

Reporting requirements follow a phased implementation.  See below for details on first reporting dates by group. 


Total Building(s)** Square Feet 

First Data Year First Reporting Deadline

A – Commercial  




B - Multifamily 




C – Commercial  




D - Multifamily 




E – Commercial  




F – Multifamily  




** Commercial covered buildings are defined by ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Multifamily buildings include apartments and condominiums three stories or more in height above grade and representing multifamily structures defined by a typical R-2 occupancy by the International Building Code.  Row homes and townhomes are excluded. 

Before submitting your REPORT to the City  

  • Enter all energy, water, and space use information in Portfolio Manager. Data should be entered from January 1 - December 31 for the calendar year being reported for each covered building.  
  • Ensure that you run Portfolio Manager's tool to check for possible data errors prior to submittal to ensure that you have no errors in your data submission. The Data Quality Checker time frame should align with the calendar year being reported.  

How do I Check Data Quality

How do I apply for EXEMPTION?

The Ordinance includes exemptions to the requirements based on capabilities of Portfolio Manager and unique building characteristics. Covered building owners who do not submit a report are required to apply for one of the following exemptions: 

  • Building with average physical occupancy of less than sixty (60) percent 
  • Building with demolition permit 
  • Building with financial distress 
  • Building used for industrial or agricultural processes 
  • Building with confidential business practice 
  • Building with unique circumstances, if approved by the City Manager’s Office.

The City will review exemptions that are submitted by September 1 prior to the reporting deadline, and will respond to inquiries within 90 days after the September 1 deadline.

To apply for an exemption, please fill out the Exemption Request Form. 

Building Definitions and Scenarios

Building owners are required to report if the  building footprint is  equal to or greater than 5,000 SF.  Building owner includes any person or entity including common interest ownership groups that have a legal or equitable interest in real property and the associated asset features of the building(s) located on the parcel.  Review Fort Collins Building Scenarios to learn if you are required to report.

View BEWS Building Scenarios

Violations and Non-compliance

The Building Energy and Water Scoring program is enforceable under Sec 12-207 of the Fort Collins Municipal Code (including a $1,000 fine for each year of noncompliance), and the failure to comply in any calendar year shall constitute a single violation in that calendar year. Fort Collins staff will send out a Notice of Need to Comply letter followed by a Notice of Violation to any building owner of a covered building who does not comply within 30 days following March 1 of each year, and citations will be issued March 1 of the year following the required reporting year.

Note that Fort Collins staff is available to provide technical assistance and resources to any building owner to help them comply with the ordinance. Contact QnVpbGRpbmdzY29yaW5nQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== or call 970-416-2733 for additional questions.


Additional Compliance information, including reporting link and exemption requests.

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Resources available from Fort Collins Utilities, including ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager support and Data Requests.

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Get ahead of the Curve: Track, SAVE, and Win through the Multifamily Benchmarking Challenge. 

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