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City Give

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The Senior Center. The Gardens on Spring Creek. The Lincoln Center. Museum of Discovery. Each of these local gems has been—and continues to be—the beneficiaries of charitable giving. And, there are countless other ways in which charitable giving directly impacts the quality of our City: natural resources, climate action, parks and recreation, performing arts, and the list goes on!

The City of Fort Collins has been listening to donors, community partners, nonprofit organizations, businesses, City staff & volunteers. In the past year we’ve learned:

  • Charitable giving to a municipality can be unpredictable and even complicated.
  • Currently, no uniform pathway exists for donors and public-private partnerships.
  • Philanthropic relationships vary across staff and per City department.

We’ve also heard The City of Fort Collins has a valuable and valid role to play in our community’s philanthropic landscape.

The City of Fort Collins must first “get its charitable house in order.” How? Introducing City Give. City Give is funded by the City of Fort Collins, and is:

  • A pioneering umbrella for the many philanthropic and fundraising activities across departments and projects within the City of Fort Collins.
  • Transparent and accountable internal standards for philanthropic engagement and charitable gifts.

City Give is NOT: A foundation or grant-giving organization. Nor, is it a vehicle to fund programs and services not funded through the City’s Budgeting for Outcomes process.

City Give will:

  • Establish enterprise-wide philanthropic best practices and charitable standards.
  • Orchestrate and coordinate relationships between the City of Fort Collins, city leadership, fundraising partners & valued community stewards.

Through City Give, donors can make charitable gifts to the City of Fort Collins that reflect their personal and family passions. Charitable gifts cannot be redirected by elected officials or senior leadership, and are tax-deductible.

As elected officials and administration change over time, City Give will remain independent and non-partisan, focusing on the long-term vibrancy of our community.

Join us as we strengthen the overall quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Fort Collins.