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Green Building

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Green Building

Plumbing Efficiency Workshop: Forecasting code changes where water meets energy

Plumbing Efficiency Workshop - Water / Energy Nexus

Friday March 4th, 2020  9 am - 1 pm.  Colorado River Room - 222 Laporte Ave Fort Collins, CO

Plumbing Efficiency Workshop: Forecasting code changes where water meets energy - Lunch provided

Join us for a FREE plumbing efficiency workshop with the renowned Gary Klein of Gary Klein and Associates and Matt Harrison of Affiliated Engineers. We'll dive into the optimization of plumbing design for improved water and energy efficiency with smarter hot water delivery. The controversial topic of health concerns related to lower-flow fixtures will also be part of the discussion. This workshop looks to explore, inform and shape future city water and energy efficiency building code.

Presenters: Gary Klein of Gary Klein and Associates,  Matt Harrison of Affiliated Engineers

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What Is Green Building?

Green building is the design, construction, operation, and demolition of buildings in a way that reduces environmental impact, improves the health and well-being of occupants, and increases financial performance. A well-designed building should create a healthy, productive environment for its occupants, while lessening the demand for energy and resources. The City has an array of services and programs that can help building owners, facility managers, tenants, and others build green and improve their buildings.

To make it easier to find the resources you need, this site is divided by sector into single-family, multi-family, and commercial, and then by builder/owner or renter/tenant.

Fort Collins Green Building Lecture Series

IDAP - Fort Collins Utilities' Integrated Design Assistance Program

IDAP City of Fort Collins

Financial incentives and technical support are available through IDAP to help make your building design more energy efficient. Engagement early in design is critical. Click here for more information.