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Traffic Operations

Traffic Signals

Report a Traffic Signal Problem

During business hours, call Traffic Operations at 970-221-6630. After hours and weekends, please contact the City of Fort Collins Police at their non-emergency number, 970-221-6540.

2010 Signal Timing Report

The primary purpose of the Fort Collins Traffic Signal Timing Program is to improve traffic flow along Fort Collins' major corridors, and improve the efficiency of traffic signal operations. Additionally, this program aimes to reduced emissions and fuel consumption in accordance with the requirements of the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funding program. The annual benefits from the signal retiming effort (150 traffic signals along 10 major and 5 minor corridors) is estimated to be $17.98 million, after you consider fuel savings and travel delay for the motorists.

View the 2010 Traffic Signal Timing Report >
PDF, 47 pages, 4M

2010 signal inventory

  • 177 traffic signals
  • 45 school related pedestrian crossings
  • 22 non-school related pedestrian crossings
  • 5 fire signals

Our History of Energy Efficiency


In 2001, Traffic Operations replaced 3,300 red and green incandescent lamps with Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s). The 61% energy usage reduction was significant and resulted in a $71,000 savings per year in electric costs.

Beginning in 2001, as part of creating the Advanced Traffic Management System, Traffic Operations installed new equipment at all signalized intersections. The equipment includes Model 332 & 336 traffic cabinets, Naztec 2070 controllers, 33 miles of fiber optic cable and radio communication in outlying areas.

In 2006, Traffic Operations upgraded 75 intersections to LED Walk and Don't Walk indicators and LED Count Down Pedestrian indicators. Preliminary calculations are showing a 44% decrease in energy usage and a costs savings of $15,000 per year. LED's are used for any new traffic signal installation.