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Animal Violations

Animal violations filed in the Fort Collins Municipal Court are a type of misdemeanor violation. To inquire about whether or not you are required to appear in court for your ticket, please call the Fort Collins Municipal Court Clerks' Office.

Among other animal violations, a ticket may be issued into Fort Collins Municipal Court for not having a current City animal license or proof of rabies vaccination for your animal. If you plead guilty on a first offense, the Court will suspend $20.00 of the $25.00 fine if you show proof that you now have the valid license and/or rabies vaccination. To take advantage of this policy, wait at least seven days after your receive the ticket and then mail a copy or bring in such proof before your court date. If, instead, you provide proof before the Court date that the animal was properly vaccinated and licensed on the alleged date of the violation, the charges may be dismissed. In either case, your Court date will then be canceled.