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Dept Head: Chad Crager
Construction Inspection

Purpose | Permits Issued | Excavation Information | Licensing Fees

Construction Inspectors work with the development and construction community to ensure compliance to the City's codes, standards and specifications. Part of the inspector's job is to research and implement new construction techniques, materials, and recommend specification changes when warranted. Inspection services are provided on capital projects, subdivision development, and construction permit work. Color codes are used by the different City departments when marking underground facilities.

Permits Issued by Engineering

Contractors wanting to perform work in the City Public Right-of-way will need a contractor's license, asphalt license and/or a utility license issued by City Engineering.

Permit Description Fees
Excavation Permit Also called a "street cut permit," an excavation permit is issued anytime cutting is done in the City right-of-way i.e. sidewalk work, boring, cutting street. Anyone excavating in the public right-of-way, whether licensed contractors, licensed plumbers, City crews, utility contractors, etc. needs to acquire a permit. Fees based on table below
Encroachment Permit Issued when obstructions or encroachments are erected in City right-of-way i.e. tables, fences, posts, dumpsters, etc. $10 application fee for minor, $10 inspection fee; $500 application fee for major, inspection fee TBD
Sidewalk & Drive Approach Permit Issued when work on sidewalk or drive approach for driveway is done. $25 (up to 15')
$0.30 (for add'l footage)
Over Length/Oversized Vehicle Issued when an over-length, over-sized, over-weight vehicle uses City streets i.e. trucks hauling large loads (yachts, machinery, etc.). No fee (non-structure)
Moving Buildings, Houses, Mobile Homes Issued when moving houses, sheds, mobile homes and other buildings. $25 (structure only)
House Numbers Issued when groups want to paint house numbers on curbs in neighborhoods. Usually non-profit groups. No Fee
Stockpiling Issued to allow temporary storage of suitable fill material for future use in a construction project. $65
Horizontal Banner Requirements for design. No Fee
Vertical Banner Requirements for design. No Fee
Development Construction   $400 application fee; development fees vary; smaller $200
Newspaper Encroachment & Indemnity Agreement Permit required to place any free-standing publication rack within City rights of way. This includes locations within the downtown area occupied by modular condominiums. One (1) permit is required annually - per location.
$10 per application per year
Portable Signs in the Right of Way Permit to place portable signs in public rights of way. This is limited to a defined area (view map). Permit must be inspected and approved prior to placement, "grandfather" locations do not apply (view City Code). $10 per application per year
Outdoor Seating Encroachment & Indemnity Agreement Outdoor seating guidelines $50 per application
Fence Permit Permit to install fences adjacent to the Public Right-of-Way. No Fee
Excavation Information

Why Do We Have Street Cut Fees?
In an effort to cover both the costs of utility cut inspection and the increased maintenance costs caused by utility cuts. This fee will have three parts:
1. Administrative Costs
2. Inspections Costs
3. Pavement Impact Costs

When Will the Permit Be Issued?
The permits are administrated through the City of Fort Collins Engineering. Once the excavation permit is complete a minimum of 5 days is required for the City Engineer's approval.

When Does the Permit Expire?
The permit expires 30 days from the date of approval.

Excavation & Construction Inspection Fees

A non-refundable permit application fee shall accompany each application for an excavation permit to cover the costs of administration. If the permit is denied, the application fee shall not be refunded. If the permit is approved an inspection and pavement impact fee shall be charged. These fees shall be as follows:
Fee Description Fee Amount
Excavation Inspection Fee An inspection fee is charged for each 1,000 square feet or portion thereof. $50 per 1,000 square feet
Boring Inspection Fee An inspection fee is charged for each linear foot or portion thereof. $0.15/LF, $50 minimum
Pavement Impact Fee* A pavement impact fee is assessed per square foot of excavation, in asphalt as well as concrete pavement.

* A pavement impact fee is tripled for streets constructed, reconstructed, overlaid or sealcoated within the last five years. Conversely, the pavement impact fee may be waived or reduced for utility repairs made in advance of scheduled pavement rehabilitation projects, or when the utility company performs a complete street overlay in conjunction with the utility repairs performed.
Square Foot of Excavation Cost per square foot
1 to 100 $3.85
101 to 500 $2.75
501 to 3,000 $2.20
over 3,000 $1.65