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General Customer Service#

Call 970-212-2900 for 24-hour automated account balance information and payments.

  • Customer service representatives available:
    8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    9 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday
    Closed major holidays.
  • Se habla Español.

V/TDD: Dial 711 for Relay Colorado

Are you an existing customer? Transfer or stop your service online.

New customers should call us to start your service.

Emergency Contacts#

  • Electric: 970-221-6710
  • Water, Stormwater, Wastewater: 970-221-6700
  • Fort Collins Police Services: 970-419-3273 (non-emergency)

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Other Numbers#

222 Laporte Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80521

8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday 
Closed major holidays

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Payment Assistance#

Fort Collins Utilities partners with local organizations to provide efficiency, conservation and bill payment assistance programs, including low- or no-cost resources that keep utility costs down.

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Learn more about the different rates for electric (including Time-of-Day pricing), water, wastewater and stormwater. 

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Be Aware of Scams#

We encourage customers to be on the lookout for people claiming to represent Fort Collins Utilities. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there that try to trick utility customers into allowing scammers inside their home or business, giving away personal information, or paying a fake bill. 

Customers should never make payments or give personal or financial information to unsolicited visitors or callers.

If you are suspicious of someone coming to your door or a phone call, report the incident to Fort Collins Police (970-221-6540) and Fort Collins Utilities (970-212-2900) as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions#

Customers can call us at 970-212-2900 or come in person to 222 Laporte Ave. Please do not email start or stop requests.

No, deposits are not required. We charge an activation fee of $19.65 per account.

We require one business day, but customers can call up to 30 days in advance.

No. We are unable to backdate services.

No. Most of our residential meters are digital and do not need personnel to visit the property to energize the meter. If a service representative does go in person, the customer does not need to be there unless access to the meter is restricted.

It can take four to six weeks to see the first bill on a new account. We bill in cycles based on geographic location. Often a customer happens to just miss the bill date on a new address and will not see a bill until the following month.

We charge a one-time $19.65 start-up fee on any first bill for an address.

Our billing is done in roughly 30-day cycles that are timed based on your geographical area. Unfortunately, this means that customers do not have the option to change when bills are due. However, because it is based on amount of days rather than a specific day of the month, the due date will vary slightly each month.

Fort Collins Utilities residential electric customers are charged based on a TOD electric pricing structure. With TOD pricing, when you use electricity is as important as how much electricity you use.

TOD has two levels of pricing: off-peak and on-peak, and two seasons: non-summer and summer. Save money by shifting your electric use to the lower-priced, off-peak hours or by reducing your use.

More Information and Ways to Save

Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the typical home’s energy usage. Changes in the weather can drastically change billing amounts month to month.

Tips to Save

Stormwater rates pay for construction and maintenance of Fort Collins' stormwater system, which helps protect residents and businesses during storms and floods. All developed properties within city limits pay stormwater rates.

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Fort Collins Utilities bills you for what you’ve already used. When you stop service, often there will be usage that has not yet been covered on a bill. For example, if a customer receives a bill on the 15th and sets a stop service date of the 20th, they would receive the normal bill on the 15th, and then a second bill after the 20th that would include the balance of the previous bill as well as the additional use from the 15th to the 20th.  

The web portal only reflects payments that were made using your online account. Other payment methods will not be viewable on the website. Additionally, the balance information on the web portal does not update following a payment, it simply shows images of bills. Any payments made will show on the next bill.

The online account is customer controlled. We do not update it with new account numbers. To add a new account number to the profile, select View Enrolled Accounts option under the Profile tab and add the new account number found on the bill. Customers do NOT need to create a new profile when they move. Just add the new number to your existing profile and it will appear.

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Privacy Statement#

Fort Collins Utilities is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers' data. Utilities complies with local, state and federal customer privacy regulations, policies and procedures, to protect our customers' personal data and information.

Fort Collins Utilities is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act and Fort Collins Municipal Code §26-26, which govern the accessibility of public records. Utilities is also subject to the FACT (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions) Act of 2003, which requires federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, to establish guidelines for use by creditors to prevent identity theft.

In 2007, the FTC published the "Red Flags Rules" requiring creditors to create and implement an internal program to address the detection, prevention, and mitigation of identity theft. As a creditor, Fort Collins Utilities implemented an identity theft prevention program under the Red Flag Rules, which went into effect December 31, 2010.

The City of Fort Collins also offers a comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Did You Know?

Rebates are available for 1.1 gallons per flush, WaterSense-labeled toilets.

Stormwater pollution is the number one cause of water pollution in the country, and you can help prevent it.

Rebates are available to insulate attics, exterior walls and crawl space walls, improving your home's comfort.