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Community Services

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The amenities provided through Community Services in Fort Collins are part of what makes us one of the choice destinations to live, work, play, and retire.

Comprised of the Cultural Services, Natural Areas, Park Planning & Development, Parks, and Recreation departments, Community Services is here to offer experiences that enrich, engage, and enhance the quality of life for all.

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Community Services Departments#

Cultural Services

Fostering an inclusive, culturally rich, creatively vibrant and arts-engaged community, Cultural Services includes The Gardens on Spring Creek, Museum of Discover, The Lincoln Center and more.

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Natural Areas

Natural Areas Department conserves valued lands and provides recreation and educational access to these community treasures. There are 50 natural areas and over 100 miles of trail encompassing more than 36,000 acres. There is likely a natural area near you!

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Park Planning & Development

Parks and trails are an integral component of the Fort Collins lifestyle. Park Planning & Development works to collaborate with the community to plan, design, and build a world-class park system.

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We're passionate about providing you world-class parks and trails. The Parks Department maintains parks, cemeteries, trails, medians and other public grounds for the community.

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The Recreation Department is your community resource for staying active and connected to the Fort Collins community. Offering programs and activities for all ages and abilities, we're proud to make recreation opportunities accessible and fun for everyone!

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