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Art in Public Places

Art in Public Places – Celebrating 25 Years#

Temporary Art at the Gardens on Spring Creek#

Tom Benedict and The Grappling Juniper

Artist Tom Benedict and The Grappling Juniper

The Gardens on Spring Creek and Art in Public Places are excited to bring you Mountain Wildwoods: The Resilient Beauty of Juniper Trees, a temporary art installation by Montana artist Tom Benedict now through February 12, 2022 at The Gardens. 

The sculptures are carved from dead, twisted Rocky Mountain juniper trees harvested by the artist in Montana. The trees likely lived for over 500 years before falling to the same elements of nature that caused them to twist and contour. To create his sculptures, Tom Benedict carves away the exterior of weathered wood exposing the tree's core. Sculpting with the grain of the wood, he carves the wood to exaggerate the tree’s natural features. Perfect in the botanical garden setting, the sculptures evoke a sense of wonder in the resiliency found in nature.

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New Art at City Park#

New Art at City Park

Fort Collins artist Lisa Cameron Russell sculpture Western Snowberry Patch is placed in the planting bed near the new restroom in City Park.

The three paneled metal sculpture is inspired by shapes that celebrate the native vegetation that is seen throughout the gardens in City Park. 

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New Art at the Northern Colorado Law Enforcement Training Center#

Artist Mark Aeling and Acumen

Artist Mark Aeling and Acumen

Mark Aeling, President of MGA Sculpture Studio, developed Acumen for the Northern Colorado Law Enforcement Training Center. The design process was motivated by the intended use of this training facility and historical research of Northern Colorado. This artwork symbolizes the journey required to achieve “the ability to make good judgments, take quick action and overcome challenges within a particular arena,” which is the definition of acumen.

This is a joint project with the City of Loveland Art in Public Places.

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New Art at Drake Water Reclamation Facility#

New Art at Drake Water Reclamation Facility

Fort Collins artist Todd Kundla's sculpture, Reclamation, represents the inputs and outputs of the reclamation process at the Drake Water Reclamation Facility. 

To create the artwork several hundred feet of decommissioned 4” steel pipe, from the reclamation facility, were being reconfigured into a labyrinthine weave of steel conduits. 

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New Art at Willow Street Plaza#

New Art at Willow Street Plaza

Columns lit at night

In Praise of the Poudre was recently installed in the plaza on the corner of Willow and Linden Streets. Artist Andrew Dufford and Chevo Studios worked with the City of Fort Collins Engineering and Utilities Departments as part of the Art in Public Places Program to develop a series of sculptures that will enliven the plaza and educate visitors about water quality and natural water systems in Fort Collins. 

Four undulating granite columns feature relief carvings of the plants, animals, insects and landforms found around, within, and below the Cache la Poudre River – celebrating the elements of a healthy river ecosystem.

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Maple Hill Community Mural#

Maple Hill Community Mural

As part of the Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant Program, artist Kristen Vohs was selected to create a mural on the south wing walls of the Turnberry underpass located on the southeast corner of Turnberry and Richards Lake Roads.

This project is a collaboration between the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and Neighborhood Services Department, the Maple Hill HOA, and Fort Collins artist Kristen Vohs.

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Pianos About Town#

Pianos About Town

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and community partners Bohemian Foundation and the Downtown Development Authority. This exciting project brings together visual art and music for the public to enjoy. We currently in our 10th season! For updates and to share your photos and videos of the pianos in action, please visit us on Facebook.

Help us care for the pianos! If you enjoy playing the pianos, help us protect them by closing the keyboard cover after each use and using the attached tarp to cover the piano in times of bad weather and overnight—Thank you!

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Transformer Cabinet Murals#

Transformer Cabinet Murals

The Transformer Cabinet Mural Project was started in 2006 as a collaboration between the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and Utilities Light and Power. Serving as a graffiti abatement program, the murals help lower maintenance costs while adding bright colorful art in unexpected places. The program also helps keep the investment local by utilizing local artists and non-profit groups to paint the cabinets.

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Take a Public Art Tour!#

Downtown Barrier Murals#

The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places in partnership with the Engineering, Streets, and Traffic Operation Departments—in collaboration with the Downtown Fort Collins Creative District, and the Jason and Lucy Greer Foundation for the Arts—hired local artists to paint 15 temporary murals on the concrete barriers around outdoor dining areas throughout downtown.

Thanks to Downtown ACE Hardware for their generous donation of paint for the murals.

Marina Avila and Carla Gamboa

Bistro Nautile

More Info

Chris Bates

Beau Jo's, east barriers

More Info

Ren Burke

Pour Brothers Community Tavern
to Blind Pig Pub

More Info

Chelsea Ermer

The Reserve by Old Elk Distillery

More Info

Katie Fahrenbruch

Sushi Plus

More Info

Diane Findley The Still Whiskey Steaks

Diane Findley

The Still Whiskey Steaks

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Detail of Wildrose Hamilton's Design

Wildrose Hamilton

Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro

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Beth Lighthouse

Beau Jo's, west barriers

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Mike McPuff

Stuft Burger Bar

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Linda Roth at Snooze

Linda Roth

Snooze AM Eatery

More Info

Linda Roth

Starry Night Espresso Cafe

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Werner Schreiber and Heather Reimer

Werner Schreiber and Heather Reimer

The Bar District

More Info

Shawna Turner

Rio Grande
Mexican Restaurant

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Gale Whitman

Blind Pig Pub
to Pour Brothers Community Tavern

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FC Bikes--Bikeway Bingo#

FC Bikes--Bikeway Bingo

FC Bikes has created a series of five Fort Collins Bikeway Bingo Challenges to explore and learn about Fort Collins’ family-friendly bikeways, parks, natural areas, neighborhoods, and public art.

Complete all 5 and you’ll be able to expertly navigate Fort Collins’ extensive bikeway network! Find them all at:

The Public Art Bingo Theme linked below features five randomized cards - try them with your friends and family!

Public Art Bikeway Bingo

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