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Art in Public Places – Celebrating 25 Years#

New Art Coming to Dovetail Park#

Illustration of proposed artwork.

Click the image to see a simulation of walking through the space.

The sculptures designed for Dovetail Park by artist Joshua Wiener will create a gateway element at the entrances off Miles House Avenue. The steel beam sculptures appear to emerge from the earth, like brush strokes in the landscape. The beams are about 10’ long and created from raw steel.

The appearance of the sculptures will change as you walk through the space. The twelve beams will align to form a solid wall as you enter the park, and as you pass by, the layers will separate. They will continue to change as you move through the space and view the work from different angles. Click on the image to see a simulation of walking through the space.

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Pianos About Town#

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and community partners Bohemian Foundation and the Downtown Development Authority. This exciting project brings together visual art and music for the public to enjoy. We currently in our 10th season! For updates and to share your photos and videos of the pianos in action, please visit us on Facebook.

Help us care for the pianos! If you enjoy playing the pianos, help us protect them by closing the keyboard cover after each use and using the attached tarp to cover the piano in times of bad weather and overnight—Thank you!

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Transformer Cabinet Murals#

The Transformer Cabinet Mural Project was started in 2006 as a collaboration between the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and Utilities Light and Power. Serving as a graffiti abatement program, the murals help lower maintenance costs while adding bright colorful art in unexpected places. The program also helps keep the investment local by utilizing local artists and non-profit groups to paint the cabinets.

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In-Progress Projects

2023 Piano Muralists

Take a Public Art Tour!#