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Para integrantes de la comunidad:

City Clerk

 Contact Information

  •   8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (M-F, except for holidays)

2020 Election

The November 3 election is being conducted by Larimer County, not the City of Fort Collins. Please visit for voting locations, ballot drop off locations, and other election information.


Appeals to the City Council

The decisions of certain boards, commissions, and other decision makers can be appealed to the City Council. The Appeal Guidelines explain the process for filing an appeal.

The Appeal Form must be delivered to the City Clerk, 300 LaPorte Avenue, with original signature(s), along with a check or money order for the appeal fee ($100 payable to the City of Fort Collins).

Pending Appeals

Effective May 1, 2020, a list of pending appeals, and all documents related to each appeal, will appear in the table below:

Subject of Appeal Appeal Hearing Date Appellant(s) Original Decisionmaker Appeal Documents
613 S. Meldrum Modifications of Standards October 6, 2020

Jeff Palomo

Denise White

Administrative Hearing Officer

Notice of Appeal

Public Hearing Notice

Notice of Site inspection

Agenda materials for October 6 Hearing