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Development Review

Development Fees#

What Development Fees Apply To My Proposal?#

At conceptual review or preliminary design review, your Project Planner will identify the type of development review application you'll need to submit. This will determine what fees apply.

When Development Fees Are Due#

Fees are collected at two separate times, one at the initial application submittal and the other at final plan submittal. The fee itself is made up of two main components, a planning fee and transportation development review fee (TDRF). The planning fee covers development review's analysis of your proposal, notification mailing to affected property owners, and sign posting. The TDRF covers Engineering, Transportation and Traffic's review.

In most cases you will submit two checks, one with each application. One check covering both fees is also acceptable. The fee amount varies and is dependant on the project type. Please see the fee schedules below for more information. Your Project Planner will help you determine which fees apply.

Other Fees#

More detailed information on all development fees, including building permit fees, is available at