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Residential Rates#

2021 Residential Rateshighlight_off

In 2021, a typical residential customer, based on average annual use, could expect to see an increase of approximately $3/month.

  • Electric: 2.6% increase based on cost-of-service model updates (varies by rate class).
  • Water: 2% increase to help with fire-related water quality impacts and watershed health costs.
  • Wastewater: No rate increase.
  • Stormwater: No rate increase.

Single-Family Monthly Bill Comparison#

Utility 2020 2021 $ Change % Change
Electric $78.52 $80.56 $2.04 2.6%
Water $48.07 $49.03 $0.96 2%
Wastewater $34.24 $34.24 $0 0%
Stormwater $16.04 $16.04 $0 0%
Total Average Bill $176.87 $179.87 $3 1.7%


Fort Collins Neighborhood

Fort Collins Utilities regularly reviews its rates and makes adjustments to reflect the costs of providing reliable and quality electric, water, wastewater and stormwater services. Utility rates provide the long-term revenue required to meet the needs of each utility. Typically, City Council approves rates by ordinance in November and new rates go into effect in January.

Utilities across the country face common challenges – aging infrastructure, keeping up with technology, and meeting the evolving priorities and needs of customers, including residential, commercial and industrial.

As a municipal utility, one of our roles is to ensure our rates remain fair and equitable. We accomplish this through bi-annual, cost-of-service studies to identify operational expenses associated with the delivery of services.

Manage Your Utility Bill#

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