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Residential Rates#

We work hard to make sure you enjoy some of the lowest rates in the Front Range.#

Fort Collins Utilities is community-owned and operated. We don’t have investors or shareholders to answer to. We are not motivated by profit generation. Because of this, we typically see lower rates (when compared to similar communities). Revenues stay in Fort Collins. We rely on local decision-making to determine how services are provided.

Our prices are based on the costs needed to serve our customers. Rates are regularly reviewed. We adjust them to reflect the costs of providing reliable and quality services. Customer payments fund ongoing maintenance, infrastructure improvements, and construction projects.

We know rate increases affect our customers, and we work hard to control costs and operate as efficiently as possible. Typically, City Council approves rates in November and the new rates go into effect in January. February bills reflect the new costs.

  • Electric: 5% average increase due to a wholesale cost increase, costs related to distribution operation and maintenance and capital investment projects like transformer and streetlight replacements.
  • Water: 4% increase to help fund capital investments like pipe and meter replacements and the water treatment facility roof replacement.
  • Wastewater: 4% increase to help fund capital investments like improvements at the Drake Water Reclamation Facility and collection system replacement.
  • Stormwater: 3% increase to help fund capital investments like the Oak Street Outfall and stream rehabilitation.

More Details from Council First Reading and Presentation

Average Single-Family Monthly Bill Comparison

Utility 2022 2023 $ Change % Change


700 kilowatt-hours/month

$80.01 $84.01 $4.00 5%


10,000 gallons/month

$49.03 $50.99 $1.96 4%


4,800 gallons/month WQA

$34.25 $35.62 $1.37 4%


8,600 sq. ft. lot, light runoff

$21.74 $22.40 $0.65 3%
Total Average Bill $185.04 $193.02 $7.98 4.3%

Manage Your Utility Bill#

More Information#

Did You Know?

After a rain, skipping watering until the grass dries will save not only water, but also money. 

Turning off the faucet while shaving or brushing teeth saves water.

You can enroll your electric water heater in Peak Partners and automatically shift when your water is heated.