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The City of Fort Collins (FC) Volunteer Program is designed to creatively engage people in their unique talents. Everyone has unique talents, and when those are paired with a passion to help the results can be amazing. With that aim, the City promotes volunteer involvement to improve services and create community.

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Adopt A Neighbor

Volunteers will assist neighbors with tasks such as snow shoveling, leaf raking, grocery shopping, picking up medications, and pet care. Specific needs and schedules will vary, and there are opportunities for long-term pairings with one neighbor as well as one-time tasks.

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Butterfly House Volunteers

The Butterfly House is a year-round home to hundreds of North American butterflies and dozens of varieties of flowering plants, built and operated in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion.

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Pick It Up FOCO

Help do your part by picking up trash in your community.

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Join a unique community of volunteers.

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Resources for Current Volunteers

You are part of our community of over 10,000 volunteers! Find more resources available to you.

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Special Event

Fort Collins is full of wonderful events for all ages and Volunteers help make these events possible. If you have a few extra hours to donate and aren't ready to make a big commitment, volunteering at special events is a great way to give back to your community.

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Volunteer Impact#

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FC Volunteers contribute over 150,000 hours per year with an annual economic impact of $3.9 million for our City. Almost 11,000 people volunteered for the City of Fort Collins in 2019. The top three departments for volunteer hours include Recreation, Police Service and Parks.