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City Council

Mayor and Council

Wade Troxell, Mayor
Wade Troxell
Kristin Stephens, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 4
Kristin Stephens
(Mayor Pro Tem)
Councilmember District 4
Susan Gutowsky, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 1
Susan Gutowsky
Councilmember District 1
Julie Pignataro, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 2
Julie Pignataro
Councilmember District 2
Ken Summers, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 3
Ken Summers
Councilmember District 3
Ross Cunniff, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 5
Ross Cunniff
Councilmember District 5
Emily Gorgol, Councilmember<span class='hidden-xs'>,</span> District 6
Emily Gorgol
Councilmember District 6

Council Expenses

Council expense data is available to the public in the City’s open data portal.

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Email Transparency

Access the Council Email Archive

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About Email Transparency

Under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) all emails to and from City Council are subject to public disclosure, with limited exceptions. To promote transparency, emails will be visible in an online archive, unless the sender puts #PRIVATE in the subject line of the email. However, the City of Fort Collins can't guarantee that email to or from Council marked "#PRIVATE" will remain private under CORA. Generally, the online archive will be updated twice a week.

Respectful Workplace Policy

The Mayor and City Council are committed to providing an environment that exemplifies the highest standards of ethical behavior, treats others with dignity and respect and is known for its honesty, inclusivity and transparency. Adopted in 2019, the Fort Collins Respectful Workplace Policy embodies the City Council’s commitment to prevent and address discrimination; harassment, including sexual harassment; and retaliation. Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace are against the law and will not be tolerated. 

Through adoption, implementation, and enforcement of this Respectful Workplace Policy (“Policy”) and through continuing education and training provided by or through the Human Resources Department (“HR”), the Fort Collins City Council seeks to prevent, address, and correct behavior that violates this Policy.

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Council Compensation and Term Information

  • Councilmembers: $853.00
  • Mayor: $1,280.00

View Council Term Information

Strategic Plan

The 2020 City of Fort Collins Strategic Plan reflects the input of engaged citizens, community and business partners, Mayor and Council Members, and City staff.

Community Dashboard

The City of Fort Collins Community Dashboard offers a quarterly snapshot of the community's progress in attaining key outcomes. This Dashboard reinforces the City of Fort Collins' steadfast commitment to accountability and continuous improvement.