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City Park Pool Closed 5/31

City Park Pool will be closed for the remainder of the day Wednesday, May 31 due to severe thunderstorms. 


Summer Recreator#

two women high fiving

The Summer Recreator is here! Flip through the digital version online now!

Printed copies will be mailed to all current recreation participants the week of March 20, and will be made available at recreation facilities by March 27. 

View the Recreator

Ready to Register?#

In an effort to serve the Fort Collins community better, the Recreation Department has made a few updates to the registration dates for the upcoming season. 

calendar dates

For the fastest service, we highly recommend registering online or in person. Phone coverage will be limited at facilities - please expect at least 24 hours before messages will be returned. 

View all registration options and pick which one works best for you.

Need help deciding? Give us a call at 970.221.6655.

Recreator Archive#