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The Problem#

Are you getting "exhausted" driving behind vehicles that smoke too much? These vehicles can have a huge impact on air quality, often emitting up to 25 times more than a well-maintained car. It is illegal to operate a gasoline powered vehicle that has ANY visible emissions.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware their smoking vehicle is such a problem. You Can Help! Now there is an EASY way to get the word out to smoking vehicle owners and help clear our air.

  1. Contact the state's Smoking Vehicle Hotline by e-mailing or by calling (303) 692-3211.
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Type of vehicle (whether it's a car or truck)
    • License plate number (give word examples of each letter)
    • The date you saw the vehicle.
      EXAMPLE: "Car - FXB686, F as in Frank, X as in X-Ray, and B as in Boy 686 - December 14, 1998."
    • If possible, please include whether the vehicle was diesel or gas powered.

What Happens Next?#

Colorado's smoking vehicle hotline program is designed to identify smoking vehicles, and to provide owners with information that will encourage them to voluntarily make needed repairs. Repairs to smoking vehicles are required if a vehicle fails a mandatory emissions test because of a visible smoke problem. The cause of such smoke must be corrected before the required emissions sticker can be issued. Also, a police officer may stop a smoking vehicle, issue a ticket and order corrective repairs. A substantial fine may result.

Every vehicle owner has the responsibility to keep their vehicle well maintained and regularly inspected. If done properly, preventive maintenance can add years to the life of a vehicle, save money on major repairs, and minimize emissions. Everyone benefits from a clean car!