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People reclining on couch after moving
Moving Just Got Easier

Are you an existing customer? Transfer or stop your service online. New customers should call us at 970-212-2900 to start your service. Requests can be made for as soon as the next business day. 

faucet running
Quality Water - It's Our Priority

We take water quality very seriously and are committed to providing safe, high-quality, reliable drinking water to our customers.

Black water in the Poudre River
Water Supply Status and Quality

We continue to monitor and manage our water supply for water quality impacts from the 2020 wildfires. Learn about water restrictions, water availability and watershed recovery efforts. 

Past household hazardous waste event
Free Household Hazardous Waste Event, Sept. 10

Get rid of old paint; pesticides; batteries; fluorescent lights; personal care, cleaning and automotive products and more for FREE.

Water Connects Us All
Water Connects Us All

Water ’22 is a campaign spearheaded by Water Education Colorado. Would you like to conserve and protect water for future generations? Here are 22 ways you can help

Are You Behind on Your Bill?
Are You Behind on Your Bill?

Behind on your bill due to hardship related to the pandemic? Assistance is available to directly support our residential and commercial customers in need.

Low-Cost Home Energy Assessments
Low-Cost Home Energy Assessments

Spruce up your home this spring with performance projects around the house. Epic Homes offers energy assessments and substantial rebates on energy efficiency upgrades.

Track your Energy and Water Use
Track your Energy and Water Use

Set up an online profile with MyEnergy and MyWater to view detailed electricity and water usage. Monitor use over time to understand costs and conserve resources. 

Save on Efficiency
Save on Efficiency

Visit the Efficiency Works Store to save on energy- and water-saving products – including LED lighting, smart thermostats and showerheads.

  • Mathews Street Waterline Replacement Project Begins August 8
    Release date: Aug-04-2022

    Beginning Monday August 8, Utilities crews and contractor, Connell Resources, will begin replacing an aging waterline in Mathews Street. This project will replace approximately 500 linear feet of 4-inch cast iron waterline installed in the early 1900s with new 8-inch PVC, in Mathews Street from Mountain Avenue to Oak Street. The project is expected to take approximately eight weeks, (weather dependent).

  • 25th Anniversary of 1997 Spring Creek Flood
    Release date: Jul-26-2022

    July 28 marks 25 years since Spring Creek flooded, creating Fort Collins’ worst natural disaster to date. The creek flooded following 14.5 inches of rainfall in 31 hours. Five residents lost their lives, a building exploded, much of the CSU campus was flooded, a train derailed and 400 people were rescued from the floodwaters.

  • Fort Collins Utilities Releases 2021 Drinking Water Quality Report
    Release date: May-26-2022

    Fort Collins Utilities released its annual Drinking Water Quality Report. The report provides water quality test results, information on how our water is protected, where it comes from and more.          

  • Mulberry Street Sewer Line at City Park – Traffic Pattern Changing
    Release date: May-12-2022

    Beginning Monday, May 16, local and commuter traffic access will change on Mulberry Street. Access will be open from Shields Street west to South Bryan Avenue, which includes entrance to businesses at City Park Plaza, City Park, golf, community pool, etc. Local traffic will have access to Cook Street and properties on Mulberry east of Cook Street, but Mulberry Street will be closed between Cook Street and Crestmore Drive. Crestmore Drive will remain open. (See map and updates at Through traffic to Taft Hill Road remains closed until the end of July or when the project is complete.

Between a Confined Space and a Wildfire#

Between a Confined Space and a Wildfire

Critical work at Joe Wright Reservoir – success against the odds

Providing a year of diverse challenges is one way to think of how 2020 impacted the City of Fort Collins and Utilities specifically. In early spring, COVID-19 effectively shut down normal operations across the City as more than half the employees began working remotely and the critical workforce onsite kept the City operating under extensive safety protocols and reduced staffing.

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Halligan Water Supply Project#

Halligan Water Supply Project

Existing Halligan Dam and Reservoir

If approved, the Halligan Water Supply Project will enlarge the existing Halligan Reservoir by approximately 8,100 acre-feet to help provide additional protection for Fort Collins Utilities' water customers from future service interruptions during emergencies.

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Mathews Street Water System Improvement Project#

Mathews Street Water System Improvement Project

Fort Collins Utilities will begin a water infrastructure improvement project in Mathews Street from Mountain Avenue to Oak Street. The project will replace approximately 500 linear feet of 4-inch cast iron waterline installed in the early 1900s with new 8-inch PVC.

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