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Community members attending an event

Community Sponsorships Available

Utilities provides in-kind and cash sponsorship opportunities up to $1,500 for non-profit and government organizations supporting the Fort Collins community.

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A water conservation tent with 'save water' and 'xeriscape' banners

2022 Water Conservation Report

We have a strong commitment to ensuring the efficient and responsible use of our natural resources. Actions in 2022 resulted in 173.3 million gallons saved and average water use is down 34% since 2000.

Glass of water

2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water every day, and Utilities is committed to providing its customers with reliable drinking water of outstanding quality. Learn where your drinking water comes from and how it compares to federal standards.  

Community members collect free plants from a garden party staff member.

Xeriscape Garden Party

Plant swap, live music, activities, landscaping education and more! Join us at the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, 300 Laporte Avenue, on Saturday, June 17 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Track your Energy and Water Use

Track your Energy and Water Use

Set up an online profile with MyEnergy and MyWater to view detailed electricity and water usage. Monitor use over time to understand costs and conserve resources. 

Save on Efficiency

Save on Efficiency

Visit the Efficiency Works Store to save on energy- and water-saving products – including LED lighting, smart thermostats and showerheads.

Homes in Fort Collins with rooftop solar

Residential Solar Resources

With all the solar information out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. Utilities offers educational resources and can help you determine if solar is right for you.

Upcoming Events

Between a Confined Space and a Wildfire#

Critical work at Joe Wright Reservoir – success against the odds

Providing a year of diverse challenges is one way to think of how 2020 impacted the City of Fort Collins and Utilities specifically. In early spring, COVID-19 effectively shut down normal operations across the City as more than half the employees began working remotely and the critical workforce onsite kept the City operating under extensive safety protocols and reduced staffing.

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Halligan Water Supply Project#

Existing Halligan Dam and Reservoir

If approved, the Halligan Water Supply Project will enlarge the existing Halligan Reservoir by approximately 8,100 acre-feet to help provide additional protection for Fort Collins Utilities' water customers from future service interruptions during emergencies.

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Distributed Energy Resources#

Distributed Energy Resources Icons

Fort Collins Utilities is working with Platter River Power Authority to develop a strategy to integrate distributed energy resources (DERs). 

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