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Street Sweeping#

Program Mission#

This program's mission is to clean city streets and bike lanes as required to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. Clean streets support good air quality standards and stormwater quality services to the residents of Fort Collins.

Sweeping Schedule#

Residential neighborhoods will be swept twice per year. Notifications for sweeping will be sent by email or through Email notifications are sent on Thursdays the week before to impacted neighborhoods. Subscribe to email notification (see link below).

What zone is my neighborhood?

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If you have any trouble, please give us a call at 970-221-6615 and we'll be happy to help.


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Be Ready On Sweeping Days#

Be Ready On Sweeping Days

Clean streets are important for storm water drainage and keeping Fort Collins looking great.

  1. Subscribe to email notifications (see above)
  2. Relocate vehicles to allow Sweeper to clean gutter to gutter.
  3. If trash pick up conflicts contact your trash company to reschedule.

Do not sweep leaves, branches, grass clippings, trash, rocks, and gravel into the street. This debris can damage the sweeping mechanisms on the trucks, clog stormwater drains and may send pollutants into the  Poudre River. [City Code 26-498] 

Trim trees to 8 feet above sidewalk and 14 feet above the street. Shrubbery cannot encroach on to any public sidewalk or block vision of drivers. [City Code 27-57]

Where And When We Sweep#

  • Major Arterial Streets
  • Bike Lanes
Every two weeks  
  • The Downtown Area
Twice a week  
  • Collector Streets
  • Bike Lanes
Four times a year  
  • Residential Streets
Twice a year  
* Sweeping variances may occur due to weather. We will sweep missed streets if resources allow.  

Give Us Your Feedback#

The staff at Streets strives to improve customer response and control expenses through sweeping scheduling and planned sweeper replacement. We welcome any feedback and reporting. You can report pothole/street hazards online or you can call 970-221-6615.