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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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Business & Nonprofit Financial, Insurance, Legal Considerations during COVID-19

Business & Nonprofit Guidance

Restaurant & Service Industry Resources during COVID-19 Closure

Restaurant & Service Industry Resources during COVID-19 Closure

Governor orders the temporary suspension of dine-in service at restaurants, bars, theaters, gymnasiums, salons, and other non-essential personal services facilities in Colorado through April 30. This means we will be extending our closure of recreation and cultural facilities. We are also considering the closure of playgrounds dog parks and park shelters to further limit groups from gathering.

Read full description about restrictions and guidelines for events, large gatherings, and public spaces.

How to Manage your Restaurant during Coronavirus includes tips on: 

  • How to Create an Online Ordering Menu with Food that Travels Well
  • How to increase Off-Premise Sales for Your Restaurant
  • How to Find Room in the Budget for Employee Benefits
  • How to Help Your Staff Learn New Restaurant Skills
  • 5 Ways to Convert Restaurant Searches into New Business
  • Restaurant Marketing & Social Media Plan
  • And much more

Other Restaurant Resources:

Contact the Larimer Small Business Development Center to chat with their restaurant, retail, and marketing consultants for free.

Loans & Grants - COVID-19

Loans & Grants

Several entities are starting grant programs to specifically assist businesses being affected by COVID-19.

Colorado State Executive Orders in Response to COVID-19

Executive Orders

Colorado Employers to Reduce In-Person Workforce by 50% for Non-Critical Workplaces Due to COVID-19 - D 2020-013

  • For details about industry exemptions and other information, click here.
  • The order takes effect on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and is set to last through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 10, 2020

Service Industry Employers/Businesses Required to Provide Four Days Hourly Paid Sick Leave - Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

  • Provide four days of paid sick leave for those with flu-like symptoms who are being tested for coronavirus
  • Only apply to workers in the service industries, including: Leisure & hospitality, Food services, childcare, education (including transportation, food service, and related work at educational establishments), home health (if working with elderly, disabled, ill or otherwise high-risk individuals), nursing homes, and community living facilities. 
  • Watch a free Webinar: COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Requirements

Temporary Suspension of Dine-In Service at Restaurants, Bars, Theaters, Gymnasiums, Salons, and Nonessential Personal Services in Colorado - Public Health Order 20-22

Extension of Income Tax Payment Deadlines Due to COVID-19 - D 2020-010

  • Extending the income tax payment deadlines to July 15 for all filers
  • Extension on estimated taxes due July 15 without penalty

Temporarily Suspension of Certain Regulatory Statutes Due to COVID-19 - D 2020-011 

  • Allows retailers & breweries licensed for on-premises alcohol consumption to sell, deliver, or provide for takeout of sealed alcohol
  • Allows retail marijuana store online sales of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products to facilitate pick up by customers
  • Suspends appropriate personal physical examination for the issuance of medical marijuana cards
  • Suspends vehicle gross weight of vehicles weighing 80,001-84,999 pounds to ensure delivery of emergency goods & services

Limiting Evictions, Foreclosures, & Public Utility Disconnections and Expediting Unemployment Claim Processing to Provide Relief to Coloradans Affected by COVID-19 - D 2020-012

Employee Resources during COVID-19

Employee Resources

How You Can Support Fort Collins Business

How You Can Support Fort Collins Business

  • Give the Gift (Card) of Business - If you usually frequent a business, buy a gift card that covers your usual patronage. Then spread out the use of those gift cards over time while you continue to support them as normal. You can always give them away as gifts. 
    • Join the Rally for Restaurants movement, submit your favorite restaurant or bar and encourage friends and family to buy a gift card
  • Fort Collins Businesses are Open for Business - Check out these lists of Fort Collins business, who are participating in pick-up or delivery services, providing special deals, and implementing new hours of operation. Ask your favorite local business if they would like to be included on either of these lists:
  • Keep your Subscription - If you have a subscription or membership to a gym, exercise class, painting class, music lessons, dance, etc. keep it going. With your continued support, you can help many small businesses keep their doors open and pay their bills.
  • Buy Now, Pickup Later - If you planned on buying a manufactured product like a guitar, piece of clothing, etc. give that business a call. Pay for it now and have them set it aside for you to pick up later.
  • Reach out to your Favorite Local Business - Call frequently visited local businesses and ask how you can help. They might have ideas for you to help that are specific to their business.
  • Donate to your favorite Downtown and receive a 'Support & Save Voucher' of a greater value through the Downtown Business Association's Support & Save Old Town Fort Collins Campaign

Direct them to for more business, nonprofit, and employee resources.

Utilities Information during COVID-19

Utilities Information during COVID-19

Fort Collins Utilities 

  • Fort Collins electricity, water, stormwater and sewer service for most of Fort Collins won’t disconnect services for nonpayment until further notice. Customers having trouble paying their bills can contact Utilities for financial assistance or to make a payment arrangement. For more information, please visit Fort Collins Utilities COVID-19 Updates.
  • Time-of-day electricity rates remain in effect, so keep in mind that electricity will be more expensive during the winter peak hours of 5-9 p.m. weekdays. Electricity will cost about one-third of the peak rate outside of peak hours. The peak hours are set to shift to 2-7 p.m. on May 1.

Phone & Internet

  • Connexion won't disconnect service for nonpayment until further notice. Home internet installations will continue for the time being, and the city is working with contractor OnTrac to ensure all employees are frequently washing and cleaning their hands and using disposable gloves. Customers concerned about coronavirus risk can reschedule their installations at no cost or penalty.
  • Comcast (Xfinity) won't disconnect service or charge late fees through at least May 12 for people who contact customer service and indicate they can't pay their bill. Comcast is also offering two free months of Internet Essentials service for qualifying customers. The contract-free program is available to lower-income residents who qualify for public assistance programs such as Medicaid and SNAP. After the 60-day free period, service is $9.95 a month.
  • Century Link won't disconnect service or charge late fees for the next 60 days for residents and small businesses.
  • Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are waiving late fees and service terminations for residents and small businesses through at least May 12 for customers who are struggling to pay their bills because of coronavirus. You’ll need to call customer service to talk about your financial situation and payment options.

Xcel Energy 

  • Xcel, which provides gas power and some electricity to parts of the Fort Collins area, won’t disconnect service for nonpayment until further notice.
Artist & Creative Industry Resources - COVID-19
Manufacturing Resources & Updates during COVID-19

Manufacturing Updates & Resources

The White House is coordinating through our partner Manufacturer’s Edge and all MEP Centers to build a list of manufacturers that currently have capacity and capability to produce (or can produce with changes in your production facilities) personal protective equipment and/or supplies. Please take the quick survey to build this database. Forward to manufacturers in your network.

These websites are compiling COVID-19 updates and resources for manufacturers:

General Information for Businesses, Nonprofits, & Employees during COVID-19

Useful Resources for Businesses, Nonprofits, & Employees

Commercial, home based business and related information

Doing Business in Fort Collins

Commercial and home based business

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Economic Health Office

Development, industry, funding and information about EHO

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The Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority is a tool for redevelopment.

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Smart City, City as a Platform, Climate Economy and Target industries

Innovation and Climate Economy

Smart City, City as a Platform, Climate Economy and Target industries

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Fort Collins Main Street Loan Program

A $1 Million Loan Pool Available to Fort Collins Based Businesses

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Information and resources about metro districts in fort collins

Metro Districts

Information and resources about metro districts in Fort Collins

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Downtown General Improvement District

A tax district for funding parking, pedestrian, and street beautification improvements.

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