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City Manager

Kelly DiMartino - City Manager

Hello, and welcome to the Fort Collins City Manager's Office. Here at the City of Fort Collins we are passionate about creating a vibrant, world-class community. Approximately 1,500 full-time employees, and up to 1,000 additional seasonal employees, work diligently to provide exceptional service to our residents and visitors.

The City of Fort Collins operates within a council-manager form of government, which means that the City Manager is the chief executive officer of the City and is responsible for the overall management of City operations. The City Manager works in close partnership with the Mayor and City Council, who are responsible for setting the policy direction of the City.

On, you will find a wealth of information about our City and the services we provide. I always like to hear from you, so please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or suggestions.


Kelly DiMartino, City Manager

Kelly DiMartino, City Manager#


Kelly DiMartino was appointed in June, 2022 as the Fort Collins City Manager, becoming the first female city manager in Fort Collins’ history. Her career with Fort Collins spans more than 25 years, beginning as the Communications and Public Involvement Coordinator, and including multiple roles in communications, technology, Human Resources, and the City Manager’s Office.  

Throughout her career, Kelly has been committed to providing high-quality services, enhancing community engagement, and fostering a culture of operational excellence and innovation. She leads a team of approximately 2500 City colleagues who deliver 24x7x365 services and advance Council priorities. Kelly leads with heart and backbone and feels fortunate to be in both a job and a community that she loves. 

Kelly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Hastings College, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University.

Tyler Marr, Deputy City Manager#

Tyler began with the City in 2015 as a Graduate Management Assistant in the City Manager’s Office while completing a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Kansas. In his years with the City, he has led and assisted numerous special projects with various departments and resident groups to reach collaborative and innovative resolutions. In his current role as Deputy City Manager, Tyler works with multiple departments and oversees the City's federal and state legislative program to help deliver outstanding service to residents and City staff.

Denzel Maxwell, Assistant City Manager#

Denzel Maxwell, Assistant City Manager

Denzel started in Fort Collins in 2023. Throughout his career, Denzel has been committed to enhancing the connection between the City, residents, and visitors.

Past projects before arriving at the City of Fort Collins include:

  • Developing and leading a State and Federal legislative policy program
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Secured 9 Million in State and Federal Grants
  • Developing and managing a centralized approach to grant initiatives
  • Master Plan Development

Denzel has a master’s degree in public administration from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oklahoma State University.

Rupa Venkatesh, Assistant City Manager#

Rupa Venkatesh comes to Fort Collins from the City of Northglenn (CO) where she has served as Assistant to the City Manager. She was instrumental in helping the city navigate the COVD-19 pandemic and several other key initiatives including: 

  • Forming the Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity (DISE) board,
  • Helping develop the Crisis Response Unit which takes the co-responder model a few steps further,
  • Expanding homelessness response to include a Winter Housing Program - the first of its kind in Adams County
  • Implementing the No Need for Speed program to empower residents to collaborate with the city on solutions to residential speeding 

Prior to her role in Northglenn, Rupa was the Assistant to the Town Manager/Deputy Town Clerk for the Town of Mooresville, North Carolina where her primary accomplishments included re-establishing the Mooresville Youth Council, working with Council on strategic planning retreats, and understanding how communities respond to crisis. 

Rupa started her public sector career working in constituent services for U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in Florida where she helped residents resolve issues with federal agencies. She worked there for 8 years and ended as the Deputy Director of Constituent Services. In her time there, Rupa learned the importance of relationship building and that by establishing trust, government can be viewed as a helpful resource. Her federal government work inspired her desire to shift to local government to have a greater impact on residents and work directly with them in a community. 

Rupa has a Masters in Public Administration, a Bachelors in Political Science and a Bachelors in Film all from the University of Central Florida. 

Strategic Plan#

2022 Strategic Plan cover image

The 2022 City of Fort Collins Strategic Plan reflects the input of engaged citizens, community and business partners, Mayor and Council Members, and City staff. 

Strategic Plans






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City Manager's Quarterly Report#

The City Manager wants to keep you informed about what's happening in your city. With the transition to a new City Manager and as we continually look for ways to streamline and improve information, we will be transitioning from monthly to quarterly reports with the next one coming out in November 2022. The last monthly report was issued in July 2022. Each report provides updates on current issues, events, standard reports, and happenings in the City.

Please let us know what new topics you would like to read about by taking this survey!

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Community Survey#

The Fort Collins Community Survey serves as a report card for the City. Residents rate the quality of life, their satisfaction with community amenities and local government. Residents also provide feedback on what is working well and what is not, and identify priorities for community planning and resource allocation. The City started the survey in 2001 and compares results from year to year to see trends as well as compare Fort Collins to other jurisdictions across the nation and Front Range.

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Our Journey To Excellence#

In its ongoing quest for continuous performance improvement, The City of Fort Collins has reached a new level. In 2017, the City achieved the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which is the nation’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership.The City of Fort Collins is only the third City organization to receive this honor ever.

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Open Book#

Interested in how your local government is spending your tax dollars, fees and other City revenue? Open Book is an online tool designed to disclose expenses in a simple and easy-to-use format.

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Community Dashboard#

The City of Fort Collins Community Dashboard offers a quarterly snapshot of the community's progress in attaining key outcomes. This Dashboard reinforces the City of Fort Collins' steadfast commitment to accountability and continuous improvement.

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