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Campus West Connections

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Campus West Connections grand opening celebration, October 11, 2017.

Campus West Connections grand opening celebration, October 11, 2017.


Established in October 2017, Campus West Connections is dedicated to building strong connections and promoting neighborhood quality of life by engaging the Campus West community through accessible services and proactive education, information and outreach.

Creating and maintaining harmonious neighborhoods in Fort Collins is a priority for the City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University (CSU). Campus West Connections (CWC) was created with the idea of encouraging long-term residents and students alike to work together as neighbors. By coming together, we can build a diverse blend of ideas and outcomes to positively impact the campus west community. CWC serves as a collaborative space where long-term residents and students can access services and resources from both City and CSU departments.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services to all members of the community. Take a look at our services below and contact us if we can help!

Reserving Meeting Space at Campus West Connections

CWC supports the free and open exchange of ideas and dialogue on a wide range of subjects of interest to the community. CWC provides meeting space, free of charge, for non-profit, community groups, CSU or City staff.

Public use of the meeting rooms is governed by procedures establishing the time, place and manner of use. Users of the meeting rooms must comply with procedures. Campus West Connections reserves the right to revoke meeting room use privileges at any time.

All meetings held in Campus West Connections must be free and not for commercial purposes. The responsible person may restrict the attendance to invited persons.

A meeting should be sponsored/hosted by someone with fob access to the space.

Collaboration Room Occupancy

  • For a meeting set-up that includes tables and chairs, the occupancy for the room allows for 24 persons.
  • A set-up that requires only chairs allows for 45 persons.
  • Under no circumstances should the occupancy in the Collaboration Room exceed 49 persons.


Please inform us of your meetings needs

  • Wifi
  • ClickShare technology
  • Whiteboard use with markers


Note that meeting patrons will have access to a single-stall bathroom and water fountain.

Please record statistics for the meeting on the clipboard provided in the Collaboration space.

To reserve meeting space at Campus West Connections, please contact Y2FtcHVzd2VzdEBmY2dvdi5jb20=.