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A Living Tribute

Tribute tree in City Park

Many people may want a living reminder of departed loved ones to visit at their leisure. In this way trees serve as growing memorials to loved ones for many generations, while they benefit the entire community.

Others may want to establish real "family trees" planted at the time of marriage or at the birth of a child.

Businesses may dedicate trees in city parks to honor outstanding employees, or to dedicate new buildings, new additions to existing plants, or new company headquarters. Some organizations may wish to donate and dedicate trees for the betterment of the community.

Our extensive park system in Fort Collins is continually being developed and trees are one of the major assets in beautifying our parks. One of the primary goals of the Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department is to enrich the environment and improve open space and recreational facilities. Planting trees is an excellent way to help meet that goal.

Your tax-deductible gift will be used to purchase trees to be planted in the Fort Collins Park system. The City Forestry Division personnel will care for the trees. Contributions for one or more trees are gratefully accepted. The Forestry Division maintains a permanent record of all living tribute trees.

General Requirements
  1. Recommended species for planting a living tribute.
    • Honey Locust
    • Bur Oak
    • Hackberry
    • Linden
    • Blue Spruce
    • Austrian Pine
  2. Fee schedule: $185.00 per tree. This cost provides a deciduous tree that is approximately 2&quot in diameter or a conifer that is 6' tall.
  3. The City Forestry Division will supply and plant the tree. Contributor involvement in planting or attendance is encouraged. Please indicate on the application how you or your group would like to be involved.
  4. The Forestry Division needs a minimum of two weeks from receipt of your living tribute request to arrange for tree planting. Donations of several trees may take longer. Tree planting is a seasonal activity and occurs primarily in the spring, summer, and fall.
  5. Some of our City parks have space for additional trees. Please indicate on the application in which park you would like to have a tree planted. In some cases, the City Forestry staff may need to recommend an alternate park location to you.
  6. Decorations should not be placed on living tribute trees without approval. If it is important to you or your group to add some decorations you may request approval. Approval will be based on the appropriateness of the decoration for the site, protection of the tree and duration of the display.
  7. Markers or plaques associated with living tribute trees are not allowed to be placed in a community, neighborhood or mini park. The following are exceptions:
    • When placed on a park bench purchased through the City Memorial Bench Program.
    • When placed on a donated or sponsored hardscape feature approved and installed as a component of the overall park design.
    Living tribute trees located on the grounds of other City property may be approved for the placement of a plaque or marker as determined by the managers of those sites.
  8. Cremains are not allowed to be placed or distributed as part of any living tribute tree planting. Distribution of creamains is not allowed on any City property.

Submit a living tribute application online

Download living tribute application form (55KB)

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read a PDF document. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from Adobe's web site.