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Provide your feedback on the W. Mulberry Street Reshaping

Provide your feedback on the W. Mulberry Street Reshaping

Have you traveled along W. Mulberry Street between Overland Trail and Shields Street in the last couple months? If so, we want to hear from you! This summer, the City completed a redesign of the W. Mulberry Street corridor, which included adding a center turn lane, adding protected bike lanes, and reducing travel lanes from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction. The protected bike lanes were completed as part of a pilot project, which includes testing different types of bike lane protection to determine the best approach for future projects. As part of this pilot project, the City is conducting evaluation of the project to seek feedback on different aspects of the design. This information will be used to inform future project design and to determine whether additional refinements are needed for the Mulberry corridor.  Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! If you haven't traveled the corridor, we encourage you to check it out, and come back and take the survey!

Take our survey here

Calling Winter Bike to Work Day Station Hosts

Calling Winter Bike to Work Day Station Hosts

The changing of seasons means that Winter Bike to Work Day is right around the corner. Is your business or organization interested in hosting a free breakfast station for the 12th annual event on Wednesday, December 12, 2018? Getting involved is easy, and a great way to show your support for our vibrant bicycling culture in Fort Collins. To begin, review our 2018 Station Host Toolkit for responsibilities and expectations of station hosts, then sign up by October 31, 2018. Contact Nick Heimann, 970-416-2628, if you have questions. 

Safety Sign Art Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the four winners of our bicycle and pedestrian safety sign art contest! We received a lot of great entries and the community voted for their favorites at Open Streets. There were two winners in each category. Click on their names to see the designs.

Winning designs will be made into signs that will be use around town to educate the public about keeping our roads and trails safe.

Magnolia Bikeway: Shields and Magnolia Bicycle and Pedestrian Signal Project

Magnolia Bikeway: Shields and Magnolia Bicycle and Pedestrian Signal Project

The City is planning to install a signal dedicated to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing Shields at Magnolia. This project will result in a signalized crossing to support the Magnolia Low Stress Bikeway, continuation of the W. Mulberry east-west bike route (under construction currently), and Safe Routes to School.

The design is called a "Toucan" signal, consistent with the signalized crossings installed as part of the Pitkin Bikeway project in 2017.  The project includes: a new pedestrian signal and crosswalk, and a bicycle crossing and signal with a raised waiting area in the center of Magnolia. The Toucan design restricts vehicles exiting Magnolia to right turns onto Shields, however all other turning movements from Shields onto Magnolia will remain unchanged.

View the Project Design Here

2018 Fort Collins Employee Travel Survey

During the months of September and October 2018, the City of Fort Collins is conducting an employee travel survey targeting employees who work in Fort Collins (residents and non-residents) to understand modal share and trip-making behavior for their work commute and the trips they make during the workday. The information gathered from this project will be used to assist transportation planning and evaluation.

On behalf of the City, National Research Center, Inc. will provide links to employees, via their employers, to access the survey online or through an app (iOS and Android). If a participant chooses to complete the study by app they will be asked to download the app, agree to tracking and be tracked starting with that acceptance and until the end of the next full 24 hour day. Their trips will be imputed and they will be prompted to fill in details (mode, purpose, number in car, etc.) for each completed trip. On opening the app they will also be asked some background questions about their workplace and household. Employers will have the option to request paper versions of the survey, if their employees are not computer-based.

A report of findings will be completed in November 2018.

Privacy Policy

Employer Company

The employer company name is used to distinguish statistical sub-groups of participants from the rest of responders. This is important as it is needed to ensure the responses will be representative. While answers may be associated with a particular company, they are not associated with an individual’s name, which the survey will never ask for.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The data collected through this survey will be kept in strict confidence and results will only be reported in aggregate; for example, in statements like “33% of respondents drive a SUV”. This means that individual answers and travel behavior will never be reported. The dataset will retain the answers to the survey questions and the geographic locations visited throughout the tracking day, but specific places visited will never be analyzed or reported. Location information will only be used to verify the distance traveled.


This data will not be shared with any other parties or used for any other purpose.

If you have questions or comments about this survey, please contact Amanda Mansfield at YW1hbnNmaWVsZEBmY2dvdi5jb20= or 970-416-2040.

Stop as Yield

In 2018, Colorado Senate Bill 18-144, “Concerning the regulation of bicycles approaching intersections,” was passed into law; this bill permits a municipality or county to adopt a local ordinance or resolution regulating the operation of bicycles approaching intersections with stop signs or illuminated red traffic control signals, and specifies the content of such local regulation. Under a local regulation, a bicyclist approaching a stop sign must slow to a reasonable speed and, when safe to do so, may proceed through the intersection without stopping. A bicyclist approaching an illuminated red traffic control signal must stop at the intersection and, when safe to do so, may proceed through the intersection. The bill sets the reasonable speed limit at 15 miles per hour. The state bill does not change the law in Fort Collins; rather, it provides consitent language for Colorado jurisdictions interested in establishing a "Stop as Yield" law. 

In 2013, the City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) initiated a discussion of the Stop as Yield law and expressed interest in further research of the topic and its application to Fort Collins. In October 2013, the BAC unanimously voted against the pursuit of a Stop as Yield law in Fort Collins at that time.  A summary of the analysis if available here.  

With the adoption of the new 2018 State law, the City's Bicycle Advisory Committee and Transportation Board are revisiting the topic.  The BAC will be discussing this at their August 27, 2018 meeting.

Are You Ready To Take The Big Jump?

Big Jump

Fort Collins was one of 10 cities in the nation selected to participate in PeopleForBikes’ (PFB) Big Jump Project with the goal of getting more people on bikes.  Through this three-year initiative, we will work with community organizations, leaders and residents to implement a comprehensive bicycle program in Northwest Fort Collins with the goal of creating a safe, connected, comfortable and vibrant environment for bicycling. Learn more about the project and how to get involved at

Ride Smart Drive Smart

Ride Smart Drive Smart

Ride Smart Drive Smart is an education, enforcement and encouragement initiative developed by FC Bikes in partnership with Fort Collins Police Services. The initiative is designed to educate both cyclists and motorists how to safely and lawfully share the roadways, encourage smart riding and driving behavior and enforce laws for safety. 

Look for the Ride Smart Drive Smart van around town where we will be doing field education and events. Learn how to Ride Smart and Drive Smart in our free classes offered year round.

Take a Bicycling Class

Ambassador Program

FC Bikes' Bicycle Ambassadors encourage people to ride their bikes safely and confidently. The program offers a variety of classes and encourages people to become ambassadors of safe cycling in Northern Colorado.    

  • Smart Cycling (formerly Traffic Skills 101)
  • Learn to Ride for Adults
  • Bicycle Friendly Driver
  • Bicycle Traffic Citation Course
  • And many others, including seasonal classes and classes for women!

Visit the Classes Page

Bike Safety Summary

Bike Safety

Did you know?

Overall bike crashes increased from 2015 to 2016. However, they are lower than the peak in 2012, and severe crashes have seen a general downward trend. Compared to 2012, overall crashes are down 11% andsevere crashes are down 32%.

The first step to make our roads safer is to understand how many and what types of crashes occur in Fort Collins. By carefully reviewing traffic data and crash reports, we are able to determine safety trends and identify priorities. Take a look to see how we are improving safety across Fort Collins and understand how these trends enable us to focus our safety and prevention efforts.

Read Summary

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Social Media

FC Bikes is jumping on the social media train and now has our own Facebook and Twitter page! Please like our page to stay up-to-date on projects, upcoming events, how to get involved in the local bicycle scene, and lastly, industry and partner news. You can find us at FC Bikes Facebook and FC Bikes Twitter.

Trail & Road Closure


For the latest info, check out detours posted on the City's Trail System Status Page. Sign up to receive notifications regarding trails in your area. For on-street maintenance projects, check out the Street Maintenance Program's page.  Cyclists should always adhere to construction closures and posted detours. These are put in place for your safety.