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Snow Shoveling - What you need to know!#

Check out this great article from the Coloradoan dated 1/18/2023 regarding sidewalk snow removal.

Coloradoan Snow Shoveling Article

Snow Tip of the Day!#

Iced over sidewalk

Iced over sidewalk due to the freeze/thaw cycle and blocked drainage

Snow will eventually melt and flow into our storm drain system. It is important to keep the melting snow flowing  to avoid the back up onto sidewalks and having it freeze creating a real hazard. You can help this flow of melting snow by keeping the storm drain, curbs and gutters clear. One tip is to park slightly away from curbs and storm drain outlets and please do not shovel snow into the street per City of Fort Collins Municipal Code Sec. 20-100.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance


Access Fort Collins is a great online tool to make departments aware of potential issues around the City.  You can report streets issues such as; potholes, damaged or hazardous roads, snow and ice issues, street sweeping, maintenance, etc. by clicking on the blue box below. Once there, please select the issue from the drop down menu under Streets and Sidewalks.

-Unshoveled Sidewalks are enforced by Code Compliance. Look under Nuisance Reporting and click on Unshoveled Sidewalks from the drop down menuOr you can visit neighborhood Services/Code Compliance for more information at

-Traffic Signals that need attention, go to Traffic then select Traffic Signals from the drop down. Or go directly to Traffic Operations web site

-Street Lights are maintained by Light & Power. Please select Streets Lights then Street Light Repairs from the drop down. Or go to Light & Powers web site 

Click here to go to Access Fort Collins

What does the Streets Department do?#

Snow Operations & Snow Preparedness

As we prepare for the next storm, you can prepare too! Here are some tips & tricks to help us help you!

Snow, Safety and You!

Electric Sweeper

Street Sweeping in Your Neighborhood

Want to know when street sweeping will be in your neighborhood? You can sign up for email notifications so that you can be ready on sweeping days!

Sign up for Sweeping Alerts

New Mill

Street Maintenance Program

The Streets Department is around town working on replacing, repairing and prolonging the life of the streets and sidewalks. Want to learn more about the process? Please click below!

Street Maintenance Program


Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repairs

Although City Code, sec. 24-42(a) states that adjacent property owners are responsible for the repair of concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk but the City may choose to repair concrete when street maintenance is scheduled and when there are hazardous conditions present.

Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Information

Looking For Street Maintenance Updates?#

View current project updates.

View Updates