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Suniga Road to College Avenue Improvements#

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The extension of Suniga Road to College Avenue was identified and funded as part of the 2017 /2018 approved City of Fort Collins bi-annual budget. Suniga Road (formerly “New Vine”) has been included in the City’s Master Street plan since the early 2000s. With the completion of Suniga Road from Redwood Street to Blondel Street via the development of Aspen Heights PUD, the City identified this next segment to be completed as a Capital Project. Suniga Road will provide a key piece of connectivity to the North East portions of Fort Collins.

Project Goals
Highlighted goals for this project are to build a 4 lane arterial with pedestrian, bicycle and future mass transit facilities. Additionally, parkways will be tree-lined and medians will possess a variety of plants that complement each other. Below grade, new wet utilities will be installed which include large diameter water and stormwater infrastructure that ties into the City Northeast College Corridor Outfall (NECCO). This project is expected to deliver access to additional projects that are being planned both from private development and the City’s capital projects planning.

Currently, traffic volumes will not require the College Avenue and Suniga Road intersection to be signalized, however, traffic signal bases and conduits will be installed with this current project for installation at a future date. Close attention will be given to both bicycles, pedestrian movements along with identification for future bus stops. The importance of safety will be placed on all modes of transportation.

Right-of-way & Project Footprint
Key pieces of rights of way will be obtained via both adjacent residential development dedication and purchase. The general alignment and footprint of the project have been identified on the Colorado Department of Transportation SH 287 access control plan.  Access along College Avenue has been identified through previous improvements to North College, most recently in 2011/12 with the first phase of North College improvements.

Cost / Funding
The preliminary budget for estimated design, rights of way and construction cost are approximately $3.8 million. Funding sources will include Transportation Capital Expansion Fund, City of Fort Collins Utility funds, and capital projects funding jointed with repayments from adjacent development.

The anticipated effort to construct the new alignment is generally less challenging as the site is currently an open field and generally will not obstruct current traffic patterns.  The connection of Suniga Road to College Avenue turn lanes and medians will have very little impact on existing traffic movement and patterns. Construction is anticipated to occur in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2019.