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Community Recycling Ordinance#

Community Recycling Ordinance

As of June 30, 2021, all trash / recycling haulers in Fort Collins city limits are required to charge all customers for baseline recycling service including businesses and multi-family customers (apartments and condos). 

This provides businesses and residents in apartment / condo complexes the same level of access to recycling that single-family homes have. 

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Don’t Leaf Them In Your Yard!#

Don’t Leaf Them In Your Yard!

There are many options for handling fallen leaves this time of year, including exchanging them with gardeners, recycling them or composting them!

Leaf Recycling Options

Bring more materials to the TRC free of charge!#

Antifreeze, Batteries, Paint, Motor Oil

You can bring used antifreeze, batteries, motor oil, and paint to the Timberline Recycling Center Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard free of charge!

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Disposable Bag Ordinance#

Disposable Bag Ordinance

On February 16, City Council passed a disposable bag ordinance that will ban plastic bags and put a 12-cent fee on paper bags at large grocers starting May 1, 2022 if approved by voters. City Council also passed a resolution referring the bag ordinance to the April ballot on the same day. On April 6th, 2021, Fort Collins voters approved the ballot measure.

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Fort Sort Recycling Game#

Fort Sort Logo

Ready to test your knowledge of what can and cannot be recycled locally? Learn what belongs in your recycling bin with our brand new waste sorting game!

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Do You Know What Goes In The Recycle Bin?#

Do You Know What Goes In The Recycle Bin?

Putting the wrong things in the recycle bin can mean an entire load of recyclables gets landfilled! Incorrect items harm recycling equipment and slow down the recycling process, making recycling less efficient and more expensive. 

 Check out our updated Curbside Recycling Guidelines Poster for an easy to follow guide to what belongs in the bin.

Many items not accepted in curbside recycling can be recycled elsewhere. Find out more by visiting our A-Z list of where to recycle.

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A to Z Recycling List#

A to Z Recycling List

The A to Z Recycling List has been updated and expanded to incorporate more items, including those that can and cannot go in your curbside recycling bin. This interactive tool also includes items that can be donated or reused, rather than thrown away. Explore and share this resource to answer all your burning recycling questions!

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Timberline Recycling Center (TRC)#

Timberline Recycling Center (TRC)

The Timberline Recycling Center, located at 1903 S. Timberline Rd., accepts cardboard, paper, glass, and mixed bottles/cans, 7 days a week during daylight hours. A separate area of the Timberline Recycling Center is expanded to accept certain hard-to-recycle items and is open Tuesday - Saturday.

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Plastics Recycling#

Which plastics are recyclable in Fort Collins

Which types of plastics are and are not currently recyclable in Fort Collins.

Due to changes in international recycling markets, local recycling guidelines do not include low-value plastic containers. The primary way to know whether a plastic can be recycled curbside or at the drop-off center is by its shape. The only plastics that can be recycled curbside in Fort Collins are plastic bottles, jugs and tubs.

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Reduce Food Waste To Save Money, Water, And Greenhouse Gas#

Reduce Food Waste To Save Money, Water, And Greenhouse Gas

Did you know that wasted food makes up about a quarter of what local residents throw in their household trash?

Fort Collins is throwing away food like it’s going out of style – and it just might be! A new campaign, launched in the summer of 2017, aims to inform and inspire the Fort Collins community by encouraging you to Save Your Food, for the sake of the environment and your pocketbook!

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