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Neighborhood Services

Sustainable Neighborhoods Fort Collins#

pollinator friendly garden

The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program is an opportunity for residents to join together to boost the environmental and social strength of their community. Neighborhoods earn credits toward certification by organizing workshops, projects, and events that enhance the livability of their neighborhood, connect neighbors, and reduce residents' ecological footprint. Learn more!

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Mobile Home Park Communities#

Mobile Home Park Communities

Learn more about resources and opportunities for mobile home park communities. One of the 2019 City Council Priorities focuses on neighborhood livability and social health, which includes mobile home park preservation and resident protections. 

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Neighborhood Grants#

Neighborhood Grants

The program is intended to help foster positive relationships and a sense of community pride through engagement and inclusion of neighbors. Typical grants range from $150 - $500 to support sustainable neighborhood events, workshops, and projects  that bring neighbors together. Find more information online at

Block Party Trailer#

Block Party Trailer

In the interest of public health, block party trailer/movie screen & projector reservations are permanently closed until further notice.

The Block Party Trailer, a "party in a box", is available for free for your community event on weekends from May-September. The trailer includes street blockades, tables, yard games, and more! An inflatable movie screen and projector are also available along with the Block Party Trailer or as a separate resource for your community movie night.

**Carry case dimensions and weight for movie screen and projector:

25"H x 24"W x 39"D - 85 lbs

Block Party Trailer Policies

What's in the Block Party Trailer?

How do I File a Nuisance Complaint?#

How do I File a Nuisance Complaint?

The City of Fort Collins Has developed Access Fort Collins as an easy way to send your questions, service requests and comments directly to staff.

Follow the link below to find "Nuisance Reporting" in the topic list. There you will see answers to frequently asked questions about many common nuisance topics. To report a nuisance complaint through the system, select the appropriate topic under nuisance reporting and then submit your request.

By using Access Fort Collins, citizens can be assured that their problem will be reported to the appropriate department.

Submit a request through Access Fort Collins

You may also call the Nuisance Hotline at 970-416-2200 during business hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday).

Access Fort Collins#

Access Fort Collins

Access Fort Collins  is an easy way to send your questions, service requests and comments directly to staff. You may also call our nuisance hotline at 970-416-2200.

Questions About Development Proposals In Your Neighborhood?#

Questions About Development Proposals In Your Neighborhood?

If you've received a letter or seen a yellow sign about a neighborhood meeting or a hearing for a development proposal in your neighborhood and have questions, we can help. There are several online resources to learn more about neighborhood meetings, other upcoming events, and how you can participate in development review.

If you have questions, please contact Alyssa Stephens, the Neighborhood Development Liaison, at 970-224-6076 or

Neighborhood Connections Program#

Neighborhood Connections Program

Help make your neighborhood healthier, safer, and happier!  The Neighborhood Connections program is designed to strengthen our communities by connecting people within their neighborhood, across neighborhoods, and with the City services that support you where you live.  Join us for a Core Education class series and earn grant funding for a neighborhood event, or join a monthly Continuing Education event to learn about topics including housing affordability, development review, grants, and more.  Find out more at:

Animal Control Enforcement#

Animal Control Enforcement

Several animal control ordinances were changed to civil infractions from criminal misdemeanors. These code changes lessen the severity of the penalty to more accurately fit the “crime.” With the new codes, people in violation will get a civil citation with an immediate fine versus a possible criminal record, fines, and jail time. These changes also make enforcement quicker and easier with the goal of gaining compliance and relief from problems as quickly as possible. Common violations include: animal at large (off-leash), animal disturbance (barking dog), animal waste removal/pick-up, and any animal license/rabies vaccination violations. For more info, please visit the Larimer Humane Society.

Landlord/Tenant Handbook#

Landlord/Tenant Handbook

Intended to be a summary of state statutes and local ordinances, this handy guide will help inform Fort Collins landlords and tenants about many of the rights and responsibilities they each have in a legally binding contract. Information contained in this handbook does not constitute legal advice. Visit

Occupancy Limits & Enforcement#

Occupancy Limits & Enforcement

Visit to learn more about our occupancy limit and how it is enforced. Here you can also find disclosure statements and occupancy investigaton forms.