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Traffic Operations Department#

The City of Fort Collins Traffic Operations department oversees all aspects of traffic related responsibilities within the City.  Examples include signal systems, signs and pavement markings, traffic engineering such as speed limits, other studies, work area traffic control, safety, pedestrian and bike innovations, neighborhood traffic mitigation, etc.

Transportation Board#

The Transportation Board advises the Fort Collins City Council on transportation issues. The Board examines issues relating to financing, the development and implementation of master plans pertaining to pedestrian, streets, transit, bicycles, automobiles, congestion, traffic signalization, and transportation facilities, the use of technology, and education of the public and private industry on transportation topics.

Hot Topics#

Electric Scooters Are Coming, And Fort Collins Is Getting Ready!#

As electric scooters (e-scooters) increase in popularity across the country, the City is laying the groundwork to ensure safe, effective, and sustainable operation here in Fort Collins. Successfully managed use of e-scooters could help fill first mile/last mile geographic gaps in the City's transit system, reduce motorized vehicle emissions, improve air quality, expand sustainable travel throughout Fort Collins, and provide additional sustainable travel options for those who are mobility-challenged.

The City Council will consider updating the City Code to allow e-scooter and other shared and/or portable mobility device operation. If the proposed code updates are adopted by Council, in spring 2019, the City, in cooperation with Colorado State University (CSU), will administer a Request for Proposals inviting e-scooter companies to submit a proposed plan to develop, install, own, operate, and maintain an e-scooter share program in Fort Collins.

Stay tuned for more information about Code updates, e-scooter company selection, and guidance for e-scooter users.  

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Stay Informed On Road Closures With FCTrip#

For information on planned, major construction projects as well as current road closures, visit

Current Projects#

View a list of current City projects like: Prospect & Timberline, Lincoln Corridor, and many more.