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Social Sustainability

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Social Sustainability

The mission of the Social Sustainability Department is to support a diverse and equitable community that successfully meets the basic needs of all residents. The Social Sustainability Department strives to achieve this mission through programs, policies, and partnerships that provide access and opportunities for all.


Notice of Public Review

Every spring the City of Fort Collins administers the Competitive Process to allocate local and federal funds to affordable housing and nonprofit human service providers in Fort Collins. The goal is to enhance the community's sustainability by addressing the needs of our residents who have lower incomes.

The CDBG Commission reviews all applications, then makes a recommendation to City Council on how funds should be allocated. Residents have 30 days to make comment on the recommendations before City Council will make a decision at a meeting open to the public. The public comment period is May 4 - June 4.

Public Notice

Programs & Projects

Affordable Housing
The City of Fort Collins believes one of the keys to a healthy community is the ability to house its residents in good quality, affordable housing. The City plays an important role facilitating the supply of affordable housing, including allocating local, state, and federal funding to housing providers, setting policies and regulations, and coordinating with housing developers and initiatives.

Human Services
The City of Fort Collins assists low-moderate income residents of Fort Collins in the areas of affordable housing and human services. This assistance, allocated via a Competitive Process, comes in the form of grants or loans to local housing agencies and human service providers.

Equity & Inclusion
Equity and inclusion are frameworks to accomplish the City's goals of sustaining an environment where residents and visitors feel welcomed, safe and valued in the community. We seek to exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior, provide outstanding service to diverse customer needs, and embody a culture of health, safety and wellness.

Homebuyer Assistance
The City of Fort Collins provides loans to income-eligible households to cover a portion of the required down payment and closing costs. Learn more about the program and view the informational brochure.

The City plays an important role in removing barriers and increasing access to opportunities by addressing the root causes and impacts of poverty and homelessness.