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Natural Areas

Natural Areas Journal: Stories, Videos, Photographs

On this submission page, you may enter your name as "anonymous" if you do not wish to be identified. After being submitted, your story will be reviewed (but not edited) by City staff. Then, if your story is suitable for inclusion, your story will be displayed. Generally, stories will be posted weekly.

The objective of this journal is to provide citizens of all ages an opportunity to share stories, videos or photographs about natural areas experiences, and messages that are inconsistent with this will not be posted. For example, stories, videos and photographs that contain the following will be considered inconsistent with the purposes of the journal, and will not be posted:

  • Offensive language or images (e.g., swearing, ethnic slurs)
  • Illegal activity
  • Personal or commercial contact information (e.g., email address, phone number)
  • Political or campaign messages
  • Content not related to an experience in a natural area
  • Content not suitable for children and youth

City staff may or may not respond to comments or questions in your story. To ensure a response, call (970) 221-6311 or email Natural Areas Community Relations Manager, Zoe Shark at

Your story may constitute a public record subject to inspection by the public under the Colorado Public Records Act. By your submission of your story, you agree to any such release of your story to the public. Children should get a parent’s permission before submitting a story.

I have read the above statement and wish to submit a natural areas story, video or photograph.