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Volunteer with Natural Areas#

Women wearing a natural areas hat and lanyard with badge, holding a clipboard and pencil


Volunteer Naturalists are highly trained volunteer educators who share their knowledge and experience with the community after completing a 70-hour training. Volunteer Naturalist Assistants serve as an important aid to volunteer educators by lending a helping hand to all aspects of leading a field trip or activity for the public.

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Person with long hair and glasses picking up trash in native grasses holding a trash bag


Volunteer for a one-day stewardship project, or give back long-term by adopting a Natural Area as an Adopter Volunteer, becoming a Volunteer Crew Leader and leading groups of volunteers on stewardship projects, or helping maintain the Nix Native Plant Garden a a Volunteer Gardener.

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Two people with helmets holding bikes talking to a man facing opposite them


Volunteer Ranger Assistants promote outdoor safety and awareness, respond to visitor questions and monitor areas for safety. The Volunteer Ranger Assistant program was created to integrate the community in promoting visitor safety and enhancing the enjoyment of the outdoors.

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Natural Areas Volunteer Opportunities#

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion for the outdoors and conservation. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Natural Areas Department. Volunteer today!

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