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Kestrel Fields Natural Area#

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Kestrel Fields is a 73-acre link in a corridor connecting the foothills and the Cache la Poudre River. 

Watch for birds of open lands, including American kestrels and migrating sparrows and bluebirds. Observe how this site changes as habitat restoration and conservation agriculture by Poudre Valley Community Farms increase diversity over time. A community fundraising effort provided extra resources for habitat restoration, thank you!


aerial view of rows of crops within agriculture fields with foothills behind

Conservation agriculture fields at Kestrel Fields Natural Area

Kestrel Fields Natural Area in winter by Doug Swartz

Kestrel Fields Natural Area in summer by Doug Swartz

An American kestrel, the namesake of the natural area by Doug Swartz

Events and Activities#


Kestrel Fields Natural Area provides 1.4 miles of flat, soft-surface trail. Trail access is from West Vine Drive, Lawrence Drive, Liberty Street, and Havel Ave. There is no parking available onsite. Most trails are open year-round. The trail on the west and south sides of the farm is closed April through November to facilitate safe and efficient farming during the growing season. See trail map for more information. 

Off-trail use is not permitted.  

The farming area is leased for conservation agriculture by Poudre Valley Community Farms. Please respect the farm by staying out.


Kestrel Fields Natural Area is on West Vine Drive, between Taft Hill Road and Overland Trail Road. The approximate address is 2460 West Vine Drive, Fort Collins. No parking is available onsite or at this address. The nearest parking is on neighborhood streets, please do not block driveways and obey parking signs and rules. See map of surrounding area. Kestrel Fields Natural Area has no entrance fee.


Open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

Conservation Agriculture#

Shrub at Kestrel Fields

Kestrel Fields Natural Area provides the tenant, Poudre Valley Community Farms, a space for conservation agriculture. Conservation agriculture is a farming method that enhances biodiversity, promotes soil health, and reduces the need for fertilizer of chemicals. The farming area contributes to restoration efforts in Kestrel Fields to create habitat for bird, insects, and other wildlife and it will increase diversity over time.

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