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Natural Areas Video Library#

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Trail Savvy Dogs#

The Trail Savvy Dog video series gives natural area visitors the tools they need to enjoy natural areas responsibly with their dogs. 

Part 1

Why visit a Natural Area with your dog?

Watch 2-Minute Video

Part 2

Know the regulations and learn about the BARK Principles.

Watch 6-Minute Video

Part 3

Teaching your dog trail skills.

Watch 5-Mintue Video

Part 4

Safety precautions and what to bring.

Watch 8-Minute Video


Natural Areas are home to an abundance of wildlife. Take a tour through these wildlife videos to learn something new today. 


Learn all about the beavers in Fort Collins and how they have adapted to survive along rivers and waterways. Download the PDF worksheet and watch the video below.

Watch 11- Minute Video


Coyotes are our adaptable canine neighbors. Explore the many ways coyotes have adapted to living alongside humans here in Fort Collins and beyond.

Watch 11-Minute Video


Bison have been shaping the grasslands for centuries. Check out how they've done so in the video below!

Watch 10-Minute Video


Raccoons are one animal that you are most likely to spot throughout the city of Fort Collins and they have very similar behaviors to people! Learn about the life of a raccoon in Fort Collins in the video below.

Watch 15-Minute Video


Osprey - Sea hawk, river hawk, fish hawk! Learn about these majestic birds and their return to Northern Colorado.

Watch 15-Minute Video


There are many benefits to having bats live in our ecosystem. Dive into what makes bats great neighbors in the video below.

Watch 20-Minute Video

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Ngari Norway


Learn about one of the most common crepuscular flying insects in the world.

Watch 20-Minute Video

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren


Nighthawks are insect-eating birds that are only active at dawn and dusk. Learn more about their biology below.

Watch 8-Minute Video


Learn from Volunteer Naturalist Sherri Whalgren about toads in and around Fort Collins. Great video for kids!

Watch 10-Minute Video


Owls are stealthy hunters of the night using some of their adaptations to catch prey at night.

Watch 9-Minute Video

Help the Environment#

Credit: NPS by Jeremy White

Keep the Night Skies Dark Skies

Enjoy this pre-recorded conversation with Night Sky Initiative Team Member, Andrea Schweitzer, PhD.

Watch 17-Minute Video

Safe Cats, Healthy Habitats

Indoor cats are happy cats, and by keeping your cat indoors you're actually saving species of songbirds.

Watch 3-Minute Video

Culture and History#

Natural areas are conserved cultural and historical places that continue telling the story of people and the land.

Pioneer Games

It wasn't all fun and games back in the pioneer days, but time was still made for fun! Explore the types of games pioneers used to play.

Watch 4-Minute Video

Pioneer Chores

Tired of vacuuming? Try doing the chores of a pioneer instead!

Watch 6-Minute Video

Credit: NPS by Jeremy White

Latinx Astronomers and Astronauts

Learn more about some noteable Latinx astronomers and astronauts that have made considerable contributions to their fields.

Watch 14-Minute Video

Space and Astronomy#

Explore the night sky.

Lunar Eclipses

How do lunar eclipses occur? Why don't they happen every month? Find the answers in this video by naturalist Dave!

Watch 13-Mintue Video


The biggest planet in our solar system offers some spectacular space spectacles. Learn more about the gaseous planet in this video.

Watch 16-Minute Video

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, NASA


What are Saturn's rings made of? Why is this planet so big? Learn the answers to these space phenomena in this video.

Watch 12-Minute Video

Credit: NASA

Humans on Mars?

Could humans live on the Red Planet? Advances in science and technology have begun to explore this opportunity even more in the past decade.

Watch 9-Minute Video