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Trail Status

Open without issues.


Udall Natural Area is co-owned and co-managed with Fort Collins Utilities for water quality, flood control and wildlife habitat. The water from downtown and nearby neighborhood storm drains flows into a series of ponds before entering the Poudre River. The settling ponds and wetlands filter the water but they aren't a water treatment plant. Please don't pour oil, chemicals or even soapy water from washing cars into storm drains- they drain into the river and impact the entire aquatic system from bugs to birds to animals.

Check out the a bench at the third pond, which is heavily vegetated with emergent wetland plants and is a good area to observe waterfowl and other waterbirds!


Damsel fly

Damselfly: by Phil McCollum


0.5 miles of wide, flat trail encircle the three ponds.


5 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Udall Natural Area is on Lincoln Avenue, between Riverside Avenue and Buckingham Park. There is pedestrian and bike access only, no parking or parking lot is provided. The nearest parking is available at Buckingham Park, 101 First Street. Udall has no entrance fee.

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