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Nature in the City

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Dept Head: John Stokes

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Nature in the City Resources


Nature in the City encourages everyone to appreciate, preserve and create more backyard nature! There are so many excellent resources out there - check out this list of resources on a range of topics from native plants and wildlife to how to convert your lawn and install more backyard nature. Plus other related sites of fun and interest!

Check Out NIC Resources List

Dream it Up: Planning Grants

2021 Dream it Up: Planning Grants are currently being evaluated and award announcements will be made in mid December. Check the Apply for a Grant page for further details on Nature in the City Granting Opportunities.

Vision, Goals and Strategic Plan



A connected open space network accessible to the entire community that provides a variety of experiences and functional habitat for people, plants, and wildlife.


  • Easy Access to Nature: Ensure every resident is within a 10-minute walk to
    nature from their home or workplace.
  • High Quality Natural Spaces: Conserve, create and enhance natural spaces to
    provide diverse social and ecological opportunities.
  • Land Stewardship: Shift the landscape aesthetic to more diverse forms that
    support healthy environments for people and wildlife.

Strategic Plan:

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Some current partnerships and projects are:

More About Nature in the City

Nature in the City is the next evolution of conservation in Fort Collins. As Fort Collins grows in population, it is more important than ever to ensure that nature remains a defining attribute of the city. Through innovative partnerships, policies, and projects, the Nature in the City program strives to expand easy access to nature and create habitat hubs for people and wildlife.

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