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Nature in the City

What to Plant?#

What to Plant?

Looking for plants that support local wildlife and pollinators, are waterwise, and regionally appropriate? City of Fort Collins Recommended Plant List is here! This list is unique to Fort Collins and includes hundreds of plants native to Fort Collins and Colorado. This new resource can serve as a guide in the creation of sustainable and ecologically diverse landscapes and may just help you decide what else to plant in your garden.

Check out the Plant List

2020 Annual Report#

The Fort Collins community stepped up for nature in 2020 despite the challenges and uncertainty that the year brought. The Nature in the City 2020 Annual Report highlights key accomplishments from the year. Explore the report to find out how the community and volunteers helped make 2020 one of the programs biggest years yet!

Read the 2020 Annual Report

Awarded Dream it Up: Planning Grants#

The Nature in the City evaluation committee was inspired with all the ideas the Fort Collins community submitted for the 2021 Dream it Up: Planning Grants! 

This year’s planning grant cycle attracted over 20 project ideas requesting more than $73,000. Nature in the City is funding 11 planning projects at just under $35,000. These project ideas range from pollinator alleyways to neighborhoods working together to add pollinator and bird friendly gardens, natural play and relaxation areas into their shared spaces. 

In the fall of 2021, an opportunity to apply to help Make it Happen: Implementation Grants will allow these planned or other new projects to seek funding assistance for 2022. Keep a watch on this website for announcements in late summer and early fall.

Vision, Goals and Strategic Plan#


A connected open space network accessible to the entire community that provides a variety of experiences and functional habitat for people, plants, and wildlife.


  • CONNECTIVITY across high quality natural spaces through enhancement of urban lands that provide diverse social and ecological opportunities.
  • ACCESS to nature by ensuring every resident can easily experience nature where they live, work, and play.
  • STEWARDSHIP of the naturalized landscape by demonstrating that a shift in our community landscape can support healthy environments for people and wildlife.

Strategic Plan:

Nature in the City logo

Some current partnerships and projects are:

Nature in the City Photos#