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Kingfisher Point Natural Area#

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Trail Status

Open without issues.


Recreationists on the Poudre River Trail, anglers and people looking for a nature break in the city enjoy Kingfisher Point Natural Area. You might see birds such as great horned owls (they occasionally nest here), kingfishers, wood ducks, pelicans and western tanagers. On a warm evening, you might hear chorus frogs.

Some portions of Kingfisher Point do not look like you might expect a natural area to look. That is because sugar beet waste was dumped on the land for many years. The resulting lime, while not a hazardous material, is more hospitable to the invasive weed, kochia, than to native plants. Part of Kingfisher Point was once a farm. Restoration is in progress- watch how this site changes over the years, gradually returning to its natural state. Part of Kingfisher Point Natural Area was acquired with the help of a Great Outdoors Colorado grant.

Ponds near the parking lot (west side of Timberline Road) are enjoyed by anglers and occasionally by boaters (non-motorized). More fishing details are listed here.

Restoration at Kingfisher Point Natural Area#

Native sunflowers and newly planted cottonwood trees are filling in the newly restored banks of the river.

Looking upstream at newly created off-channel wetland on the Poudre River.

Native sunflowers and saltbush at the Kingfisher restoration site provide habitat for insects.

A Woodhouse's toad, spotted in Kingfisher Point Natural Area's restoration area.

Volunteers plant shrubs on the north bank of Kingfisher Point

Planting the back channel area of the restoration project

Conditions Before Restoration: The Cache la Poudre River at Kingfisher Point with steep river banks and lacking native plants and trees.

Conditions Before Restoration: The Cache la Poudre River at Kingfisher Point with steep river banks and lacking native plants and trees.

Kingfisher Point Natural Area Photo Gallery#


Fort Collins Natural Areas Program offices from Kingfisher Point Natural Area, Karl Manderbach

Kingfisher Pond

Kingfisher Point Natural Area, Matt Parker


Approximately 0.8 miles of the paved Poudre Trail (wheelchair accessible), 0.2 miles soft surface trail from parking lot on Timberline. Note that there is no trailhead parking at 1745 Hoffman Mill Road. A short spur trail goes from the Poudre Trail south to the Natural Areas Department's headquarters and maintenance facility (called Nix Farm). Check out the native plant demonstration garden that surrounds the office (Monday- Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.). Native Plant Garden Brochure.


5:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m.


Parking lot on Timberline, between Prospect and Mulberry (approximate address is 745 South Timberline Road) or from Poudre Trail between Lemay and Timberline. Kingfisher Point Natural Area has no entrance fee or parking fee.

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