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Trail Status

Open without issues.


Easy to get to from the Poudre Trail and nearby neighborhoods, this site is an enjoyable part of the natural area experience along the north side of the Poudre River. Look for waterfowl and birds such as killdeers, belted kingfishers, and song sparrows.



Ranger at Salyer Natural Area Bridge, Photo by Ryan Burke


Red Fox at Salyer Natural Area

Legacy Park Bridge

Bridge Between Legacy Park and Salyer Natural Area in the Winter


0.3 miles paved (wheelchair accessible); 0.3 miles natural surface. Trail Map >>>


5:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m.


Nearest parking is at the west end of Woodlawn Drive or the west end of Hemlock Street (at approximately 499 Hemlock St). Trail access from Lee Martinez Park and McMurry Natural Area. Salyer Natural Area has no entrance fee.

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