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Natural Areas

Natural Areas Trail Conditions and Finder

This page will be updated as conditions change.

To keep up with the latest trail closures visit COTREX:

Trail Conditions #

Natural Area Status & Details
Bobcat Ridge

Trails may be overgrown, and there are large numbers of grasshoppers present. The Valley Loop Trail is severely eroded near the DR Trail intersection. Bikers may use the DR Trail for downhill and uphill use. Share the trail: Bikes yield to horses and hikers. Hikers yield to horses.

Soapstone Prairie

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area open March 1 through November 30

Soapstone Prairie

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area is OPEN but Hazardous Trail Conditions may be present USE CAUTION. Due to recent flood events trails may have erosion damage and overgrown vegetation in areas. USE CAUTION. All roads and parking lots are open and passable.

All other trails are open! Enjoy your natural areas!

Parking Lot Cameras #

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Webcam

Coyote Ridge Natural Area Webcam

Gateway Natural Area Parking Lot Webcam

Gateway Natural Area Entrance Webcam

Reservoir Ridge Natural Area, Michaud Lane Parking Lot Webcam

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How To Learn More #

Rangers monitor conditions at closed trails daily, and reopen as soon as conditions allow. Trail closures are posted here and:

  • You can call the on-duty Ranger, 970-416-2147

Paved trails such as the Spring Creek Trail, Mason Trail and Poudre River Trail are managed by City of Fort Collins Parks. Conditions are posted on COTREX.